How to Use a Router (Part 1)

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This video will teach you how to use a router.


jay7369 says:

Great video I have just bought my first router to make a window frame and now feel a bit more confident in using it .

Gregorio Palacin Diaz says:

Me gustaria saber si se puede traducir o con subtitulos en español

Jesus Cortes says:

Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge , these videos help a lot to whom we started in wood works.

the430movie says:

Router – the every thing power tool

Les K says:

Great job, very informative, not a bunch of junk and loud music. Good explanations and why it has to be or should be done this way. Thanks, I learned a lot.

Rainbow Ereje says:

very good video. 

DocPegLegRed says:

I can't express to you how much this video just helped me

jserra17 says:

Great video – I enjoyed and learned from it. SAFETY TIP, (learned the slightly hard way – damaged work piece, not body part): Remove and clean the collet regularly. Sawdust will fill the slots that are meant to compress on the shaft of the bit, preventing a secure grip, no matter how hard you crank on the wrench.

Scott Morong says:

kinds funny that videos that have value like this only have 30K views yet Justin Bieber gets 500 million views oh society

Milos Podmanik says:

Thank you for sharing this, Les!

4vinos says:

Les, thank you for allowing us to see the master once more. 

Guy Wolford says:

Norm Abram is a god among men.  The MOST comprehensive router training I've seen.

Rabba Rabbit says:

Enjoyed watching this

Deezildennis says:

Man This guys good.  He should have his own tv show!

Jonner Gonzalez says:

Great video.  Could you make a video on how to make a design in the middle of the board like for a cabinet door?

Memories says:

great post. Really learned alot.

Hans de Groot says:

Very good video. Thanks.
I learned a lot of it. I've got only a simple router but I'm going to try out what is possible to do with it, using your video as a guide.

j2112c says:

This has been really helpful, thanks for posting.

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