Intelligent Technology Mega Machines Unusual Woodwork Turbo ChainSaw Log Splitter CNC Sawmill Saw

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Compilation of a variety of devices and accessories for sawing wood. Cool ideas for household people. Automatic Wood Splitter, Log Splitter, Turbo ChainSaw, Sawmill, Drum chopper, Hydraulic turning machine for logs, lathe, CNC etc.
What makes life easier – Intelligent Technology Mega Machines Unusual Woodwork Turbo ChainSaw Log Splitter Lathe CNC Sawmill Saw Equipment
Now I’ve Seen Everything
Amazing Wood Products and WoodWorking Projects You MUST SEE


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То, что делает жизнь легче – Пилорама, Дровокол, Пила.
Подборка разнообразных устройств и приспособлений для распиливания дерева. Крутые идеи для хозяйственных людей. Современная автоматическая обработка дерева.
Какие чудеса можно выточить на токарном станке из дерева? Невозможно оторваться!

Primitiva Tecnología vs Mega Máquinas. Lo que hace la vida más fácil Aserradero. Inusual Madera De

Qué milagros pueden ser tallados de madera en un torno? Imposible salir! Compilación de una variedad de dispositivos y accesorios para el corte de madera. Buenas ideas para.


hypoeddy says:

7:27 did I miss something? what's so awe inspiring about this?

созвездие Плеяд777 777 says:

Что за хрень это было????

Monkey Joe says:

What is the 08:45 tool?

Mr Zc says:

La blonde de la pub youse elle est carrément canon

Az Studio says:


JVG HVV says:


JVG HVV says:


John Douglas says:

they're all gong to fucked when there's no hardwood left in that country.

YoBaby S'up?!! says:

I got wood watching this

jukebox symposium says:

this was all computer graphics…. o===|=============> 8D

lagig fr says:

Même plus besoin de se faire chier avec ça mdr

Louis P. says:

If you don’t explain what they’re doing the video is stupid

dano5478 says:

7:56 camel toe

Arnold Caines says:

A plain old draw knife works just as fast if not faster at debarking a log. I've completely stripped 20 ft logs with a draw knife in just a few minutes with surprisingly little effort.

mireille cauderay says:

fais chier ces pubs

Cahoula says:

7:34. I wouldn't punish anyone with that job.

brianwball40 says:

How is that chain saw tracking straight, at 1:40 ?Is there some guide that we cannot see?

misha 2.0 says:

For all of you wamting to build quality wooden things such as homes…at 6:40 is the correct way to split wood at its grain and layers. Sawing thru different layers of the tree will make a weak board. Putting wedges amd splitting it along the layers of grain inside will make a strong and long lasting wooden structure tool or whatevr it is your using. All the sawing and cutting in half is ok but b.s.

Dominique de Cacqueray says:

C'est pour faire ça que vous avez abattu un arbre vieux de 50 ans ou plus? Machines pour détruire ça oui, on sait faire !!!

Corey Schmidt says:

Why is the idiot at 7:34 debarking that log with a cheeking ax? You debark with a draw knife, you make flat side(cheek) cuts with a cheeking ax.

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