Joint Venture Ep. 24: Rabbetted halved oblique scarf joint “Miyajima tsugi”(Japanese Joinery)

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In this series I explore different wood joinery techniques. This is not a ‘how to’ video. Just sit back and join me on my venture to find beautiful joinery! More Projects on: //

Wood: Hard Maple

Music: Beyond – Lakey Inspired ( )


あい says:

Please challenge the ”kai no kuchi tsugite”

Mark Anthony Thiel says:

How did you learn how to do this this is absolutely amazing!

Andreas Belger says:

I actually was at the isle of Miyajima where the famous tori tests in the water in front of the Itsukushima shrine.
When the tide is low you can actually see signs of a tsugi below the red paint of the tori 😉

Deep respect for your work from the swabian alb..
I went to Japan to see the work of the miyadaiku in the castles and shrines ..

TheJrmelo11 says:

you are the wooden hipster by the look of you lol

Cesar Caoili says:

maybe i can used this kind of connections when i run out of wood,. you're amazing person, i never seen this kind of connection

ecj272 says:

Wood workers porn…Im sure theres a pun in there somewhere. Awesome videos

Peter Valencia says:

The fact that you spent the time to do this…. just for the sake of doing it, I admire and enjoy. I'm subscribed now. I look forward to the other videos in the series. Great work.

Yusak Lopulalan says:

Hebat,,,,,,,,Bagus sekali

Renaldo Alcala says:

So this is what woodworking porn looks like.

thangquocnguyenmdp says:

With small and short and lighted pieces, turn, clamp, rotate, with long, big, heavy maybe some problem? Am I stupid or what?

Seth McConaughey says:

I gave been watching your videos for some time now. You are always very impressive. I was wondering if you can suggest any places to buy a good set of chisels?

Groke says:

I don't grasp the point of these joints unless it is simply a way of gaining skill, or of applying decoration. It would be nice to see how they can be applied in cabinet work in preference to the norm. The 'Musak' makes it impossible to watch the demo with the sound on. I'm not sure if that is meant to increase patience or just aural torture, Japanese style!

Chuck Johnson says:

Dorian, you should do a video on your layout process. It would be educational, I'm sure.

CADMIO8 says:

Sei un mostro di bravura!!

Tim Fevens says:

this must require something like a 10th degree sashimono black belt. this is crazy goodness.

Daniel Riedl says:

love the music!

SimplyReg says:

Beautiful work as always, but my feeling it this is a structurally weak and unnecessarily fiddly way of joining timbers, compared to some types of scarf joint that you've shown.

Dingus says:

I for one love both the videos AND the music.

Keep up the great work!

Peter Van den Branden says:

Unbelievable brilliant ,

Joshua Hill says:

Hello! I'm pretty new to fine woodworking and I was just curios what drawing a grid on your wood was for. Or if it is even called a grid. Im talking about those evenly spaced lines you drew down the faces of the board. Thank you!

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