Joint Venture Ep. 3: Full blind dovetails (Western / Japanese Joinery)

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In this series I explore different wood joinery techniques. This is not a ‘how to’ video. Just sit back and join me on my venture to find beautiful joinery! More Projects on: //

Wood: Hard Maple

Music: bensound – the Lounge (


Jevriyansah Octora says:


Amanda Worley says:

The people watching your joinery videos and saying dowls or simple dovetail joint would work, completely baffle me. You show how to do it and how you can make wonderful things. I find solace in your videos, and it's only 7pm lol, most days I watch at 1am but I'm hooked on your skill.

Holger W says:

Ohne viel Gequatsche, selbsterklärend; danke!

Robert Brunston says:

Very nice! You could make a very fine and super strong box using your joint! Thank you.

WaveSlider88OC HighTide says:

Awesome craftsmanship.

Joseph Duchow says:

Very glad to have watched this video!

Ulf Meier-Schulze says:

Ten and a half minutes on showing the woodworking – okay may say for beginners, fine – but within these ten and a half minutes 3 seconds showing the joint, so even not beginners need to skip backwards the video to see and understand the joint … thumb down.

Dan West says:

BRAVO what skill. But, Please be not offended when I say "What a waist of time and talent on something utterly concealed" I have no doubt that men can come up with joinery to the max of complexity and all HIDDEN from the naked eye, and I say again, "What a waist of time and skill." You clearly are very talented but if I were you should put your skills to making a better bench so that your work peace will not move so much. 'by the way it is a Beautiful box you made… BUT!

Hotrod Hog says:

Beautiful! Nicely done! One question though, is this joint used with glue? If it is, are the dovetails too tight for the glue to be of use? Ok, that was two questions Lol.

boulgaris lakis says:

Μπράβο. Φίλε. Με. Τα. Δόντια σου αστοφτιαξουν. Οι. Μαστόροι. Και καλά. Ντουλάπες. Νοβοπαναδες. Γιώργος. Τρελός. Μάστορας. Ξιλουργος ,,,,

norby robinson says:

Jajaja no sé por qué pero me resulta muy relajante ver el trabajo de esta persona y lo felicito tiene una técnica impecable saludos desde Ecuador

Andy P says:

All that effort and it just looks like a really poorly done mitre joint. Whilst I admire the skill involved, the final joint doesn't look good and you'd have had a better looking joint if you'd done half blind or full through, and would have expended less effort to get there. Sorry to be so negative.

Saigaijin69 Nope says:

Why the hell would you use that saw? Like using a jackhammer to sweep your floor. Also, the title says “western/Japanese joinery”; what part of this is Japanese?

Browning Lui says:

this is a beautiful joint. thank you

guy .POPEY451 says:

excusez can you tell me or find the little planer and attach a photo of the cutter below, maybe you do not finish the plane at the place to finish the wooden scissor at 45 °!

Manuel Ronghi says:

Un grande.. ad majora

T Green says:

Can these be done angles other than 90°¿

kevin austin says:

The whole point of the joint is to make a very strong joint that is aesthetically pleasing, i love the look of dovetail joints but not everyone today or back then did, hence the hidden dovetail joint. You sir are an artist watching you work is an education and a joy. Have a great day.

徐弘力 says:

teach me plz

Love2 Hike2 says:

A labour of love and true talent you have! Your skill is envied by the negative armchair carpenters that will never get it. May they all find their true passions someday; in order to feel half of the pleasure and pride you do. Working at something simply for its beautiful creation and the joy experienced in the "process"…is what ART is all about. Wonderful job!

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