Just How Strong Is The Mortise And Tenon Joint?

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We compare the mortise and tenon joint against the dowel joint and pocket screws, which are common cheap substitutes for constructing furniture.

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Kyle Wendt says:

Would the shape difference effect anything? Note that the hand cut mortis had squared off corners and the machine cut mortise had curved corners, could that effect the strength?

Kenneth Rosbury says:

I enjoyed your demonstration very nicely done thank you very much

Danghetti MadeiraDMI says:

If you go half the distance, you have to count only half the weight, thats the definition of torque. Nice experiment, Ive learnt a lot, thank you, God bless

Ray Vandegrift says:

If you were to use two dowels in a hand cut mortise and tenet would that be stronger??

Sławomir Paśko says:

Nice comparison, thanx for that.
I believe that all joins are strong enough for most of the common use cases.
If you need stronger join you could use the tip like on this image: //www.trucosymanualidades.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Uniones-de-madera-1.jpg It's "self fixing" connection, I guess that even without glue it will hadle more than current one (independently of it was created with hand tools or with power tools).

Arnold Espenberg says:

what kind of glue

Sam Ellis says:

Bro, inspiration for my science fair that's happening tomorrow wish me luck

Todd Fuentes says:

Hello Andy. Can you do this same test with a pegged tenon?

Travis Coleman says:

good taste in music i see

bnelson313 says:

Great comparison demonstration of the different style joinery strengths. I too would have thought the machine cut joint would have been superior to the hand cut. Nice table and chairs for the children. How much strength does dried chewing gum add to the joints?

Alfred Neumann says:

Matthias Wandel made also such Tests. Very interesting!

AJ M says:

I would have liked to see a better job on the dowels. I can see the light between the dowel joined wood. Also, I think that 3 dowels would have been more appropriate.

Henry Robinson says:

Thanks Andy, good info again!

Lone Wolf says:

This is great, thank you!  I always wondered how M&T joints stack up against pocket screws.

Daniel Ceola says:

I'd love to see this same test done with a Domino joint, and then a pegged through tenon.

demonfire691 says:

Just curious, but if you turned the pocket screw joint around and you put weight on the wood where the screwheads are would it be any stronger?

Facialbiscuit says:

Because you have a long piece that you are hanging buckets from you are applying more than just the weight of buckets to the joint

luckym0nk3y says:

So why is it that the glue is breaking and I was tought that the glue is stronger than the wood. Are you using Kentucky spitbucket glue? 😛

Dan Pryde says:

There aint no way that MY hand cut MnT joints would even out perform a pocket screw joint lol

Saul says:

The distance between the bucket and the joint has a big impact.

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