Make a Magazine Rack – Lots of cool woodworking tips!

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I decided to do a simple project for the beginners out there, it’s a magazine rack. This one will be used as a menu stand, but works for just about anything that’s a similar shape. I demonstrate using a variety of tools, but most can be substituted for more common tools.


Elsie Washington says:

★☞After getting this stuff few days ago, I could hardly put it down afterwards [Check Details Here == // ]. There are lots of colorful pictures, with detailed descriptions of every step in the project. You will never miss your way using this plan. It was more than I expected.

Janne Kronbäck says:

Fantastic. I watched tbrough the Drunkwn woodworker videos a couple of months back, and saw that dangerous clip featured. It was really fun to now unexpectedly run into in mid-video. 🙂

Jim Borg says:

tak for di du brugte tid på at svare mig og tak for dit råd
venlig hilsen jim borg

Jim Borg says:

hello my name is Jim and I live in Denmark, I would just say thank you for a very instructive vidio you've made, I'm trying to get made a small woodshop but I lack the very tool so if you have something that you do not use or gone pieces so you may send it to me, I will be very thankful as I am arbedsløs the moment but hope that there are some that will help me start up.
Sincerely, Jim castle
source Vænget 1
skanderborg 8660

hasdrubal121 says:

Nice job, thanks for sharing. I'm really enjoying going through your vids. You're giving me lots of ideas, thanks

Stupidjeep84 says:

Nice video, thanks for sharing. I just subscribed to your channel.

I was cracking up when you used the most dangerous method you could think of to round over the extra braces. My girlfriend saw me laughing and told me that she's seen me doing that before. I'll get a router table one day.

jonessaddle says:

I made a kitchen island and a dining room table this week using your finishing method and they both turned out great. Thanks again.

CrisTooR says:

Been watching all of your videos in the past few days. Thank`s a lot! I got looking for tiny home video as I am seriously looking into building my own. I'd like to see more tiny home videos 🙂 All your videos are great, will see how your channel turns in a few years 🙂 Keep up the good work! It's impressive. 🙂

Robert Ketteringham says:


joesjigs says:

Excellent as always ! JOE

Keith Peters says:

Surely this video needs a disclaiimer of some kind.

Darbin Orvar says:

Have to agree with David – best line yet!

Make Something says:

"I"ll new demonstrate the most dangerous way I can route the groove." Best line yet in a woodworking YouTube video.

Super1topdog says:

Ha the most dangerous way you could think of. Classic, my grandfather made a router table in his work table and just raised the router up when he needed to use it.

frangitofrangito says:

What make of jointer are you using? I've never seen one that small before! Thanks!

peterhall30004 says:

i liked the most dangerous part – made me laugh

Ed Draper says:

Always nice to see project videos!  I'd be interested in seeing your sharpening technique.

jonessaddle says:

Very Nice I really like the finish.

GiddyUp994 says:

Great project. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Bryan Patterson says:

great project thanks for the post man!!

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