Make mitered half laps on the table saw

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Build a frame with mitered half laps. This simple and strong joint can be made using an accurate miter gauge on table saw.


Raul Antonio Araya Bugueño says:

Bueno bueno bueno gracias

condor5635 says:

Awesome video and joint. Really should consider relocating saw though – ripping wood by lifting it off the table during the cut is dangerous and ultimately will result in incident sooner or later. Use two speed squares and your miter slot to set the fence. More accurate. I love the digital gauge but probably not as accurate as slot method. Vise has to be level to begin with for one thing. Great video and thanks

Juan Carbutt says:

Subscribed because of the beer at the end! Awesome job!

Neels Ackerman says:

Nice accurate joint

Vagn Petersen says:

Everyone has the top of tools to produce things. What about us who are not equipped with these professional tools?

Daniel Antonio Espinosa says:

The layout of your shop is pretty bad, I think the table saw is put in a difficult place to cut, great video folk!

Raj Adhikari says:

Detailed and helpful…enjoyed and learned….thank you.

d1027j harris says:

I enjoyed the video. I like this idea and will try it myself. I was wondering, though, why you didn't put a cutout for the glass.

Derek Resendes says:

This guy makes me nervous

jiří Bartoš says:

nefun jak prase

Burntsider says:

Other than aesthetics, what is the benefit of this joint over a conventional half-lap?

KpxUrz5745 says:

For framemaking, I use a dedicated miter jig that cuts exact 45 degree angles. I would not trust the Wixey gauge because the manufacturer states its accuracy is +/- .2 degrees. If each corner piece is off by .2 degree, that error multiplies at each corner. One can easily end up with one of two situations: either visible gaps at all four corners, or if gluing them in succession, a gap on the last one that is nowhere close to meeting up. Making frames that actually join up accurately is harder that it at first looks. I often even see commercial picture frames being sold that have large visible corner gaps. But making an accurate dedicated jig solves all these issues.

INDIAN tuch Video says:

please job me iam India n

smacurface says:

Great vid. Thanks.
Time to get a new camera…..this ones giving up the ghost. (fuzzy noise trying to focus)

شیرزاد معصوم زاده says:

Very clever joint!

BlackSwan912 says:

That was a really good video – exactly what I'm fixing to build. Your final scene gave me a good belly-laugh.

manuel soaresgoncalves says:

spossible enviar vídeo tradução ao português Veri good bela obra

Jason B says:

Just wondering why your saw is so close to the wall if space is an issue put that thing on wheels nice video keep on trucking brother

James McIntyre says:

The frames would be great for stretching artist canvas.

James McIntyre says:

Jack great technique. You should install a doggy door in your wall so you can cut longer stock on your table saw.

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