Making a Step Stool Storage Crate Apple Box / Custom Woodworking Project

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How to make a custom apple box that doubles as a step stool and storage crate. Easy woodworking project with simple rabbet joinery and made from walnut and hickory woods.

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Walnut and Hickory Woods from Kencraft:

Jointer: //
Table Saw: //
Planer: //
Miter Saw: //
Flat Bottom Grind Blade: //
Microjig GRR-Ripper: //
Assembly Square: //
Aluminum Bar Clamps: //
Bessey Clamps: //
Miter Gauge: //
CNC: //
Laser Cutter: //
Flush Trim Saw: //
Shellac Finish: //

NIck Ferry Apple Box: //

Music by Me: //
Patreon Support / Extra Content: //
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X3 Workshop Designs says:

Damn those finger joints would’ve looked way kickass against the hickory. Great work nonetheless my man!

Chase Owens says:

I felt like I was getting kicked in the Ba//Z when you cut those finger joints off…
And how much fun is working with HICKORY! SOOOOO FUN RIGHT?


Albers Woodworks says:

Apple box came out incredible! Really like the contrast between the Walnut and the Hickory. Also, great camera work and editing for this video!

Rob G says:

The Heavy?! Awesome song, Dave! Nice music yourself I might add. Love the box. I've been wanting to do some boxes lately.

Yul Tidebringer says:

Great project! Love that you showed the misstart. Also, Cameraman Dan is crushing it on the shots in this video.

Long Island DIY says:

What happened to Eric?

Doing Whatever says:

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good project, but damn your videos and camera work are top notch. I love watching your videos because your style is so unique! Keep it up man!!

Eric Mosher says:

Well that's a neat benefit for Cameraman Dan.

Allen Schultz says:

Dude, I like the new cinematics. Very clean.

thejman713 says:

I am really loving these new dynamic/moving shot's you're getting (like the measuring tape shot or the guy cutting and carrying your lumber to a cart at Kencraft). They are delightful

sunriseshell says:

Oh man the C+C, CNC Router!!!
I was laughing my head off!

zodak9999b says:

A nice project, and Cameraman Dan is doing a great job.

92 Nails says:


David Malgeri says:

What is that printing machine?

David & Melanie Possien says:

Did anyone else's eyes raise at 3:45?

kercmerk says:

Dude this was insanely cool, I love the way the style is going!

Jônatas Rech says:

Great camera work!

Evan Dunville says:

The intro when your were talking about the walnut panel was so well done

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Ha ha. I was telling my son about “Sand in the place where you live…” and how it was coming. Then, it never came. But you surprised us all!

Fun video, David!

Deathbytireiron says:

No Eric?? WTF

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