Making The Hybrid Bar Clamp

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Plans here:

Build article:


الجبل العالي Bahoz says:


Edward Gold says:

That's got to be the most easy to build clamp on You tube. Thanks.

Ash Amin says:

I love your videos. The things that you make and more importantly how you make them is inspiring. Keep up the good work.

Florin Jurcovici says:

What thickness is the threaded rod? Eye-wise I'd say 1/3". Would 1/4" be strong enough, given that the jaws are not metallic?

Adão Aguiar says:

Melhor grampo que alguém fazer. Parabéns.

Roxanne Gaudet says:

Like this clamp!!

Sergey Kalaptur says:

+! Из России!

Petra Lo says:

Nice job John

Frederico Monteiro Rodrigues de Carvalho says:

Eu copiei o anterior feito com vergalhão. Ficou muito bom.

andres garcia says:


Алексей Масстер says:

Из фанеры будет прочнее

Joshua Jonah says:

John, I emailed you about this but I know you're busy so you might have missed it. I have a bunch of hard maple laying around I'm looking to use for this project but I need to know what the thickness of these clamps is before I buy the plans.

Edit: I just realised I could just use whatever the thickness of the bar stock is.

NOMAD Kz says:

It is not even bad you got, I'll try to create one myself as well …))) We in Kazakhstan the same love tinkering something.

Willy Vercaigne says:

John ik heb al veel van jou geleerd , groetjes

aradetchemist aradet says:

you are a legend

Stelios Kasikis says:

Thank you!.

Joseph Padilla says:

how cost effective is it to build these vs just buying them from home depot or harbor freight?

buckmetta says:

nice job – usefull in light aplications as you said…thanks from Brazil

Moaz El-Hamamy says:

you are a wooden guy
every thing in your workshop is made of wood
you are awesome

Hector Glover says:

Awesome Clamps!

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