Mini Wooden Bench – Woodworking For Beginners #33

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In this beginners woodworking video, we do a wood project that’s great anyone just starting out in the woodworking.
Wooden benches are popular and useful items around the home and this smaller wood bench version can fit many different places from entryway to living room as either a decorative item or a functional sitting bench and it’s among those woodworking projects that are easy and fun to make for all levels of woodworker.

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ForvoQuizlet says:

In glue (without pocket screws) we trust. Thanks for video!

Art Wood Sculpture says:

very niceeeee

Dave XB says:

Great project. I have made a smaller one like this previously. Thanks for another good video Colin.

Marc Ross says:

If your doing a beginner tutorial surely you would be better doing it with basic tools beginners have. Nice video but c'mon 😑


con esa herramienta que ud tiene claro que es muy facil

John G says:

Great Video Colin I remember when i was just a little guy my Dad made one of these and my job was to paint it πŸ˜‰ He set me up in the back yard with a can of paint and a brush and I went to town on it πŸ˜‰ Thanks this brings back memories for me

Graham Allen says:

I like this one Colin, I guess you could adjust the size and make it as big or as small as you want. Many thanks Graham πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Dan says:

I understand that the assembly is good for beginners because it's simple to put together, but you actually used a table saw, mitre saw, band saw, drill press, router and nail gun, tools which beginners aren't likely to have. As a beginner myself I find videos of people making things using only tools a beginner might have to be much more useful.

thrash99er says:

That really doesn't feel like a beginners project, you used a table saw, band saw, router, drill press, nail gun, miter saw. I know I don't have all of those different tools, it might have been nice to reduce down a few tools so it would feel like a beginner could do this without having to spend $1000 in tools to even start. I read the article on the web site, and also there aren't any plans for this for a beginner to follow. I like your videos, but you might want to re-think doing a beginner set of videos unless you have some good plans and try and reduce the tools that are needed. Thanks.

Wood Turning TV says:

Amazing WoodWorking

Franks DIY says:

Very nice little bench Collin. Amazing how much one uses a bench like that . I've had one for 20 years and just last year it broke on me I guess time for a new one.

Ian Phillip says:

Nice build. The trick with the nails one I’m definitely going to file away for future use. In case you’re not aware, what you’ve built is a Scottish Creepie. At least that’s what it’s called in Scotland where it’s very traditional – if you travel to the north of Scotland, Orkney or Shetland you’ll find one in almost every home. I’ve built several over the years in various sizes – some bench sized like yours but also some smaller ones for kids. You should have a look at the Orkney Furniture Maker’s site // – I’d love to see your take on one of his Keepsake Creepies. πŸ‘πŸ΄σ §σ ’σ ³σ £σ ΄σ Ώ

wada kaka says:

Always love your videos thanks for sharing.

sankar says:

Sir please make a video on how to make a wooden combination plane for grooving

Grandpa's Gaming says:

Great video and awesome project!! Thank you!

Dale Moskalyk says:

My grandpa had bench outside he would always go have a rolled with one hand smoke at the end of the day. Thank you not only for the build i can use with my grandkids, but the memories also.

JCnME 4ever says:

I love the way you build! The tips are a great bonus! Keep the projects coming. Thank you.

Harvey Griffin says:

Very nice might give it a try

Leonard Davis says:

I think I know my next quick project, LOVE the sand paper idea.

keale s says:

Can you down size this as a stool?

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