Modern Outdoor Dining Table and Pergola Build // How To – Woodworking

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I built this modern outdoor dining table out of Ipe 3x3s. Ipe is one of the most difficult woods I’ve worked with, it’s insanely heavy and dense. All of the tools I used are available from Acme Tools, support them here: // I also built this pergola kit from TOJA GRID: //

Learn more about my Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP welder and Lincoln’s other metalworking tools : //

► Materials Used On The Modern Outdoor Dining Table (affiliate):

11 Ipe 3x3x6s
½” All Thread : //
½” Flat Washers : //
½” Lock Washers : //
½” Nuts : //
Teak Oil : //
10 feet of ⅛” Thick Steel 3″ Square Tubing
Steel Plastic Plugs/Caps : //
TOJA GRID Pergola Kit, 12′ x 12′ : //

► Tools Used On The Modern Outdoor Dining Table (affiliate):

Powermatic 15HH 15-Inch Planer : //
Powermatic PJ-882HH 8-Inch Jointer : //
Parallel Clamps : //
Rockler T-Track Clamps : //
Rockler Bench Cookies : //
Drill Press : //
Festool OF 1400 Router : //
Random Orbit Sander : //
Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 MP Welder : //
Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 375 Plasma Cutter : //
Angle Grinder : //
Clean And Strip Disc : //

► Support ISOtunes, my personal favorite hearing protection! //






Manraj G says:

Hi, Johnny. The table looks awesome. A very neat job with super-solid quality. One question, the bases, where they attach to the slats, one of them is 9 slats wide, leaving the two outside slats uncovered. The other one is 11 slats wide and partially covers the two outside slats too. Why so? I am curious to know. Don't think it's just my eyes. 😉

Anthony Oltmann says:

Loved this one! It's exactly what I want to do to my backyard! Thanks for the insight!

Tim Thorpe says:

What is a cinder punch, and where can i get one? That thing looks awesome and super useful

CReeves Makes says:

Great tip on the hole centering jigs Johnny! Nice work!

Jordan Frank says:

Awesome table. I made a gravity kart out of ipe about 5 years ago, leave it outside all year, and it still looks practically new. Ipe is a Beast.

George S says:

Cost of wood for table $500? I wonder what would it cost to build a deck?

Dean Diamond says:

Fantastic video. I need both of these things for my yard this summer. Thanks for the good content!

Rocco Loco Loco Rocco says:

Love the table!!! Not so sure about the Pergola Kit. Thanks for the video. 👍

Ladywood2 says:

Hit the like button within seconds of watching. Gorgeous!!

AMbros Custom says:

Very beautiful table Johny, I also made a headphone stand with ipe wood and really this wood is very beautiful. You always make awesome stuff thanks.

aniket trivedi says:

I like how to did the moving time lapse at 2:20, which slider did you use?

Conrad Peterson says:

Yo Bobo in the house!

hinduspl says:

+Crafted Workshop
where do you get this aluminum extrusion that you attach to your kapex station at 2:02 ?

Paul Mclaughlin says:

Awesome as always!

Badger Workshop says:

Looks fantastic

Melrose Design says:

Awesome table! We used Ipe on a pedestrian bridge, I was surprised just how heavy that wood is. Looked really good in the end, thanks for the video!

Jonny Builds says:

That table is beastly! Nice job, man!

John Made it says:

table looks solid!!! great work..

ELN calls says:

Spent $500 on wood and $12 on crappy zinc hardware. Should of sprang for grade 8 or brass threaded/washer parts. I have used zinc on similar projects and was sorry for doing so.

Chuck P says:

Cool!! Would you happen to know where someone could get tons of rip rock? 🙂 Nice backyard!

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