Modified Paulk Workbench – 203

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Build article: //
Original Paulk Workbench: //

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Bevel gauge (t-bevel) – //
Bluetooth adapter – //
Dado blade – //
Dewalt planer – //
Dewalt sander – //
Dewalt countersink – //
Dovetail gauge – //
Eclipse quick release vise – //
Engineer square – //
Festool Domino – //
Forstner bit – //
Glu-Bot glue bottle – //
Gyokucho 372 japanese pull saw – //
Irwin Marples 10″ blade – //
Kreg K4 – //
Kreg DB210 pocket hole machine – //
Kreg Mini – //
Marble router bit or drill bit – //
Megapro NAS Driver – //
Milwaukee plunge router – //
Mp3 earmuffs – //
Narex marking knife – //
Ridgid miter saw – //
Rustic pine Briwax – //
Ryobi 18v brad nailer – //
SawStop titanium series blade – //
Scraper BAHCO – //
12″ speed square – //
T-bevel (bevel gauge) – //
Table top hold down clips – //
Tudor brown briwax – //
Wax brush wheel for drill – //
Wood glue – //
Woodriver #4-1/2 – //
Woodriver #62 – //

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jaxknet says:

Great video, I especially love the editing you did. Fast and to the point, with nice text effects. 👍

Johnny Gallati says:


Jon Steffen says:

whats the blue machine you used towards the end? is that a pocket hole driller? who makes it?

Sid Acton says:

Jay, thank you for mentioning that you had purchased Ron Paulk’s plans and then modified them to suit your purpose. If folks like Ron have their designs copied without receiving payment they loose the incentive to produce more delightful products. Then we all lose. Bye the way I like the split top.

Susan Alberts says:

very nice work thank you . I see your from Michigan aswell

Jake Boakye says:

looks great Jay but why the split top ?

Bryan Kipke says:

Thank you for the inspiration. I bought the plans as well and made a smaller version of the bench. Now I have my own workshop and am going to build something similar to yours for an assembly/out feed table.

mustangk62 says:

Love the circle template! 😀 I use a Minwax can myself, more often than not. Great video and some great ideas. May steal your lower structure for my flip-top planer//outfeed table. Thanks!!

mark hefner says:

what C&C machine do you have? Do you like it ? Any recommendations on one?

Gshad Shad says:

curious you have never been hit in the nuts by a flying router bit little bits at a time dude

LUCAS 460 GNB says:

Amigo mis Respetos, es uno de los mejores locales de trabajo que he visto, muy bien ordenado, limpio y elegante, alli debes trabajar mas cómodo que nadie, gran trabajo, es un trabajo en limpio, Lo felicito de verdad Muchos saludos desde Venezuela

Franita01 says:

what is that blue machine at 2:50 ???

ian Woodland says:

One further point – great video editing !!!

ian Woodland says:

Very functional bench, work rate and work flow very impressive too. You must be an engineer by profession. Envious of your garage/workshop, very nice and airy. Great work.

Karol Apolin santillan says:

great work friend you could help me with the plans and measures of the table in Spanish… greetings from peru thanks

Karol Apolin santillan says:

great work friend you could help me with the plans and measures of the table in Spanish… greetings from peru thanks

Robin Kelly says:

Hey Jay you need to paint those wing handles red. Awesome work, really enjoyed it. Go Lions

ricky johnson says:

hey jay I hate to buy those expensive clamps  I modified the paulk bench with a patern of oblong holes for regular harbor freight clamps if you want I will send pics  great vieos keep it up like watching

PJ Jackson says:

You would think the fire extinguisher might get in the way right there. Interesting placement.

William Tolksdorf says:

you suffer from ocd

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