Moving Into Our Dream Shop! EP: 3 Woodworking Workshop Build

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Today is finally the day! We are moving into our dream shop. We got everything in, but still need more storage to put all the knick knacks in. Video coming soon 🙂 Also dust collection system coming soon. This space looks sooo good we are in love with it! Thanks again to Rockler and Blispay for sponsoring this week!

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HMB wing says:

…if you buy everything – why do you have a workshop?

JeepGuy 9519 says:

Did you seriously just put a sheet of foam under the trailer gate?… why in the hell 😂😂😂

Felix From Nebraska says:

Looks like it will be a great new shop for you both. Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to more videos.

Jorge peña castellanos says:

Los felicito por su gran trabajo tienen todo para ser grandes en todos los sentidos y tienen lo mas valioso que da la vida están sanos son jóvenes y son trabajadores 🙂

Young Gunz says:

Ear protection for using a drill?

Max N says:

This video was recommended for me but it really turned me off. At least three sponsor messages in a 5 min video in really bad times? Wayyyyy too much. Would have no issues with a longer message at the end of the video or one quick one at the start… but three throughout? Way the heck too much…. especially for a video that did not really provide value.

dbltrplx says:

What’s with the raised floor ?
Wtf is the point of that ?

McKay Sleight says:

I would add another hinge to support that door. Other than that it should work fine.

Abdul Abdul Salam says:

Very nice workshop

Alejandro Araya says:

Moving is frustrating but setting up is such a thrill!

Renny1953 says:

Not too many women will do all that. She gets a thumbs up from me..

Edmund Dobry says:

New subscriber thank you for the content look forward to seeing more videos, thank you rockler for supporting content creators in the wood world.

Jared Bender says:

Do you have the porter cable planer? If so where did you buy the dust port?

Paul Castro says:

You are a wonderful couple still in love which is easily seen in this video.
I wish you the best of success in your journey's married life and woodwork.
Just remember the wisdom of these words: "men will not live by bread alone but every word that comes from the mouth of Yah."

Clieef Alfri says:

like the wall control…

Eric Dommer says:

Great job so far on the shop. Regarding the raised floor…..Are you planning to make a ramp for the garage door step area? I also have planned to put wood in my garage as it is cracked and uneven, albeit not to your extend. Looking for ward to future videos.

Figments Made says:

Your shop is really looking great! I can't wait to see what you're going to make!

Josh Parris says:

how do you have all these tools…???? you cant be older than like 21???

daddyscientist says:

My favorite part was when he scratched your head. Signs of a great relationship.

Pınar Dönmez says:

I am so jealus and thats why i hate rockler. Why they dont give me free stuff 🙁

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