My First Book – How I Make Money Woodworking: Developing A Product

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I am excited to announce my first book, How I Make Money: Developing a Product. It is the first in a series that I am working on about starting a small woodworking business. I’ve wanted to do some writing for quite a while now. I’ve dabbled in the craft a small amount, but have not made any of it available till now. Since starting my YouTube channel I’ve covered a range of topics, including topics on business. This has since sparked interest, including lots of questions. The questions range from requests for general advice, to very specific questions pertaining to each individual’s situation. This interest gave me direction in which to take my writing. I’m starting with what I consider step one after you have learned the basic skills to safely work wood, that is “Developing a Product”. In this you are able to focus all of your efforts, Production and Marketing. These skills can then later easily be applied to other ventures, such as selling houses. There’s no greater asset in this country than entrepreneurs, without them we would not have all of the wonderful things we have. So many of the big businesses today started out as small upstarts with a great idea. I’m not saying that you are going to start a business woodworking that changes the world. What I am saying is that starting the process of learning basic business tactics could lead you toward something much bigger than what you start out pursuing. I’ve been fortunate to have learned so much and hope to be able to spread that knowledge in an affordable and easily accessed format. This eBook is available on at-//
You can visit my Amazon Author page at –

For the cost of only a few 2x4s, this book tells you how I have been able to develop a product that replaces a traditional job. I am able to set my own schedule, allowing me to do things I otherwise would not have time for.

Thank you very much for your continued support.


sailorbychoice1 says:

I've bought the Kindle version and will be reading it soon. I enjoy your videos. You have a great message.

patricia ney says:

Love your inspiration to help and expand your life interests..One question, I had a relative who was a self employed worker. He didn't cover himself with Social Security ..Never worked the quarters needed to qualify for benefits in his old age…my question …Have you given thought of this? As smart as you are, I think you most likely have. Another good point for one of your publications. Enjoy all you post….:)

Wolfman Jack says:

Man he's intelligent. Wish I was…..

Bobbie Harper says:

I just can't believe how much talent you have. Do you have family History of carpenty work? Where did you learn all of your skills in Carpentry work?


i dont like to read. can you read the whole book please

Joe Soslick says:

I think you make an excellent point about how "being an average guy" can be "heroic" in its own right. It can be tough for us guys to grind it out at a job we really don't enjoy or one which isn't challenging or testing our abilities (most office work, for example). But, we keep on keepin' on because it provides income, food, a roof, healthcare, etc., etc. for us and our families. I appreciate your candor, keep up the good work!

ba0412 says:

Where you been man? Haven't seen any new videos in awhile, hope all is well. Is the second book underway or is it on the back burner for now?

Don Long says:

Brother you have serious talent . You are a helluva guy to share ideas as well I'll keep watching and listening and learning.

Flatdog Sound & Light says:

Just to let you know the link don't work at the moment

J. Mann says:

Most people don't realize this but writing a book is much harder than building a farm table. I do both. Love your videos and will purchase your book.. Keep 'em coming.

Michael Henry says:

You should have a show on discovery. I'm a cabinetmaker.I'd watch it all day.

hasdrubal121 says:

I am looking forward to reading this. Have followed your channel for a while and appreciate your take on things and honest approach to your business.

ZH Fabrications says:

I'm so satisfied with the whole youtube community. It's so refreshing to be a part of an industry full of people trying to help each other succeed as opposed to the standard cutthroat competition many of us are accustomed to.

Keep it up!

TitoMoLe says:

I am in Canada and on the link says is not available

itsmenckgonzalez says:

What happened to the tiny house?

aintgonnahappen says:

I just finished reading your book. I found it to be very informative with refreshing ideas and very well written. I'm a new subscriber and look forward to more of your work! Take care.

Home Heritage says:

Enjoy this channel. Always good info.

Аleksey Bek says:

Thanks for the video.

TheWoodWorkingPilot says:

Thank you for the book. Is there an audio book version of it?

Bill Underwood says:

Allow me to suggest two book sites: I use // for my ebooks, and // for my printed books.

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