My workbench built from construction grade lumber.

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In this video i go through my new work bench. made competely out of construction grade lumber. Feel Free to comment, like share and subscribe..

Leg vise Build: //

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Matt Cremona: //

Holdfasts by Gramercy Tools : //

Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit : //

Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp : //

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shanemilehi says:

Where are you Deema?

和也塚本 says:


Jonathan Reiss says:

Some great ideas there. I love the covers for the tool tray and the L bracket for the tape measures. I am going to have to add those 2 things to my next bench. Another thing I add to all my benches is a pencil holder. With that think top you can get a plastic electrical outlet box and nail or screw it in so the pencils and pens sit just below the surface of the bench. Great job.

Brian Anderson says:

Great bench and description. Love the "signatures". Oh, and congrats on the third ball! 🙂

benjamin tovar hernandez says:

This is wonderful. Thank you.

Bobby Cresap says:

I coughed up my tea when you said you grew a third ball using that old panel saw!! Awesome stuff.

HybridGirl3 says:

The "stink eye" is, definitely, a thing! / Grew a third one, eh? (There's a video!) I just woke up my husband by laughing! I'm stealin' that one…and subtracting two, of course.

Chris Herald says:

Dema, did you sticker the lumber and leave it in the shop for a while? (How long is appropriate for Home Depot 4×4 and 2×6 lumber?). Thanks. Nice build.

Mafr0 says:

+1 beam saw!

Dwain Lambrigger says:

Late to the party, but what a great video! Dema, I love your work. Thanks for sharing.

Frank M says:

Nice work Dema, wish you had more of the build to show.

Joanna Fridley says:

From Matthew Cremona site

Fred McIntyre says:

Awesome job! 👍

Dutch says:

First video of yours I've seen, new to woodworking, nice job. Clap off.

Paul Har says:

Why do you keep mentioning Paul?

hizo64HH says:

The thumbnail for this video makes Dema look like he is about to drop the hottest album for 2017 and name it "Da Werk-Bench Boi".

Félix Hernández says:

some great ideas on your take to Paul Sellers and Cody workbench design. Love the covers on channel. Without it you can not use it as an bed at then, when you are in the dog house with the misses.

Rotwang72 says:

Quite ingenious. Well executed.

ffjsb says:

If the employees at Home Depot and Lowes would cull the crap wood, people wouldn't have to sort through as much. Or they could get better lumber from their suppliers….

Cristian Negrut says:

Thank you ,appreciated your job ,you inspired me !

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