Oops! Don’t start over: fixing plywood dado cuts

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In this video I want to show you a simple repair for a dado or groove cut in the wrong spot. Don’t scrap the board and start over!
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Joe Atwork says:

In a lot of ways, fixing a screw-up makes you a better handyman. Something broken and a mistake are very similar, it makes you think of a solution.

Keith Safrit says:

I always like the videos. I have gone to the link above for information on the new class. However, when I enter the info. and hit submit, it just sits there and says "submitting" and does nothing else.

hamilton fernandes dos santos says:

for everything there is a way

prashants17 says:

Thanks for all the education, haa a question, wanted to build an outfeed table with a black melamine top however unable to find black melamine around whwre i live, would it be reasonable to laminatr and edge join Rubbbermaif Black Laminated shelf boards ?? If yes would regular wood glue do the job ?

dwoodog says:

I just had to do that the other day. I just used some hardwood fillers. Glued them in and planed it down once the glue was dry. It was definitely not just a "what was I thinking" but ughhhhhh I just made a pile of extra work. I really need to look twice and cut once.

Amit Seetahal says:

Hey why didn’t you use the table saw to cut it to size?

Croz 1007 says:

Is your hair dyed? It looks amazingly darker than in the past.

Umibuzo san says:

Why the abrupt ending?

Nicoly Crispi says:

Boi, did you paint your hair?

PhunKiss Artistic Creations says:

Great and simple fix. Eff the haters, do what you gotta do.

EveryDad DIY says:

Nice Fix😀

Ahmet Ali says:

hi. Just watched a few of your videos. Your brilliant. I flicked through your channel list but couldn't find a video on feature wallet with wood planks. (The idea I'm working on at the moment)
I have plaster board walls so I'm looking for tips and suggestions on methods. I ideally don't want to purchase a nail gun but I also don't want to have ugly screw holes with shiny screws showing. I also don't want to glue the planks directly to plaster board walls as I'm married. *She has that condition all wives have…… Changeminditus

Martin Whitman says:

Did you ever make a zero clearance insert for your table saw……. I'am cheep and don't to spend $40.00 for one …………….

Felix Schmidt says:

I would have fixed that with hard wood I guess… however, nice to watch more videos from you thanks☺️

Mohammed Kazam says:

starts at 1:37

Benny Hannah says:

Every time I screw up like that I ask myself "is it time to just lay down the tools and walk away?"

And since I haven't done that yet, and the 'brain farts' are coming on more frequently, I now find myself "thinking" twice as long about what I'm doing at every step.

It's tough getting old, isn't it Steve?

Jason Spenny says:

Scene 1 "I don't want to pull the Dado stack out and mess up my setup."
Scene 2 Steve using table saw, his Dado stack setup clearly removed.

John Amato says:

Well that was a good start to the season even though its only preseason!!! Just win baby!!

Mat Dowall says:

This was my favourite channel when I started woodworking. I loved watching your weekly vids, especially your vlogs, looked forward to your yearly New Years noise maker and your movie reviews along with all the seasonal projects such as Xmas and Halloween vids you put so much effort into. This channel sadly seems to be nothing more than a way to push your new business. So much for your motto of “I believe woodworking should be assessable for everyone” to anyone who’s thinking of spending the $197 on the new course – don’t, spend that money on some tools instead and watch his earlier videos. You’ve lost a loyal fan in me – goodbye.

Sanu says:

Microjig ads pls

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