Perfectly flush top table saw outfeed table – ALL-IN-ONE workbench – PART 2

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Stage 2 of my All-In-One woodworking workstation involved getting my Makita table saw installed and ready to be used.

The saw needed to be installed in a way that would allow me to use the length of the bench as an outfeed table. I also needed to extend the fence to allow me to cut wider panels.
It also needed to be lined up perfectly with the top of the workbench.

In that, the installation absolutely succeeded.

Metabo Miter Saw User Review:

Makita Table Saw User Review:

Part 3 will involve installing the miter saw in a way that would not restrict the use of the table saw.

More info and plans for this build available here: //

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George Valencia says:

Get a bigger shop my friend!

Alvaro fuxionlife says:

Is makita 2704?

Bob Kernohan says:

I'm very impressed. I have seen all 5 so far and await the rest. very nice

Jim Salazar says:

That's a great table.. I would be concern about humidity absorption, so maybe you should put a good coat of water sealer on the wood and polyurethane on the top. Looking forward to your next chapter..

Massimiliano Fonti says:

You are NUMBER 1

Designer- Garb says:

This is so cool, I am looking to build something like this as I have just built a 16x8ft tiny workshop and need to be careful with space as there are so many tools I want to put in there, btw you should run your router along the curved side and not the flat side as it is easier to make a mistake on the flat side, cool build look forward to seeing it finished.

BOBBY says:

are you south african

Derek Smalls says:

Nice build. One thing that may have helped in terms of leveling the saw would have been threaded inserts and bolts (using two nuts to lock position) on each corner underneath the saw. That way, you could be sure you can do a precision adjustment anytime you need to. Still not too late to do it if you feel it necessary at some point. Overall, very cool.

Glen Everett says:

Looking AWESOME so for….. and from another hobbiest, with a smaller workshop then yours……. I am sooooo jealous!! I wish I could get a full sheet of 8'Γ—4' in my shop as well as being able to get in as well! Lol. I am going to suggest the use of a dust mask, people new that MDF was carcinogenic before they worked it out that all wood could do the same.

Xavier Balayer says:

How are you finding working on the MDF tabletop?

Janice Woods says:

I foresee the need to beef up the base and adding industrial strength casters. That table is Hugh and awesome. Thank you for the nice video.

liv liv says:

Looks great. How happy are you with the makita table saw?

Tim Foster says:

I smiled when I saw the extension to your fence rail.
I never regretted adding mine.

Kevin Colson says:

What a super job you are doing! Looking forward to the rest of the videos. Well done my friend!!

LeoSpaceman2012 says:

Use some glue and your triangles are not needed. This whole build is really weak.

Jaijay35 says:

Impressive, especially the extension for the guide.

markforrestsm says:

Very cool! Only concern I have is around moisture (especially in CT) infiltrating and warping your top, tracks and rail. Would be really interested to know how that turns out over time.
Regards, Mark

Angie Overton says:

Great project. I'm wanting to do something similar on a smaller scale. This video is very helpful.

John Streifel says:

I really like this workbench! The best fit for what I have been wanting to have in my shop compared to several other multi use workbenches. Thank you for creating this! What about a video for adding your dust collection?

Alessandro ramalho dos santos says:

A Great JobπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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