Pipe Clamp Workbench Vise – 210

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Build article with diagrams: //jayscustomcreations.com/2015/08/easy-strong-huge-pipe-clamp-workbench-vise/

I haven’t used my moxon vise in so long due to it just not being convenient to use. When it was on top of my work table it was in the way and when it wasn’t on the table it wasn’t convenient to use. Knowing that pipe clamps are great for vise work I made a similar pipe clamp vise built right into the end of my work table. So far I love it.


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Grumich says:

Excellent idea! But it seems I'm very far from alone in wondering about the details of how you adjust the "catch" side of the clamp (The part WITHOUT the clamp crank which you use to tighten the clamp as you normally would with this clamp.) It appears you have to somehow reach underneath the table to "snap" open the clamp that's mounted underside of the table. Did I get that right?

I guess my confusion is due to that you already have those openings in the bench to work from, but most people don't, we just have a tabletop that is (generally) open underneath it. In short, it would've been nice if you'd have taken a video of the fully assembled mechanism along with a short "Here's how I use it" video. I (we) can figure it out, but I expected to see how you adjusted the clamp to suit other sizes of materials we'd want to clamp (e.g., how you can both hold a 3/4" board or "go big" and use this clamp to hold together laminated table/bench tops with this clamp.)

weird dogg says:

What brand is that orange pipe clamp?

Dustin Whitten says:

Any clever way to release the leaves of the clamps?

orcoastgreenman says:

One correction, probably caught by someone below already, is that a 7/8" hole is needed for standard 3/4" pipe, rather than 1"

pad strang says:

where can i get the pipe clamp for this great job

Police Dog says:

Saw one of these on Katz-Moses Woodworking Shop video about making boxes – I searched for "Pony Pipe-Clamp Vise" on Google and your video was at the top!  Plus glad I found your channel in the process and learned a lot from this video.

TeleWacker says:

Nice vice for little or no money. I may try building one myself.

John Ang says:

@1:30, watching glue dry? That's passion.

IADK says:

I may be late to the game.. but the call Jenny for the ad… now thats funny!

Sock Monkey says:


Matt Sekulitch says:

Love the changes, I reckon I'm quite a few months behind your builds and the mods to Ron's bench are great. I just wish plywood was cheap over here in Oz as it appears to be in the US!!

Troy D says:

Pretty cool. How hard is it to adjust with the one side of the clamp inside the bench, and two bars? I'm guessing you have to adjust in small amounts?

Mark DeMint says:

I'm going to be building the paulk workbench vers II this weekend. I really like your idea here, but I'd like to keep my two halves separate. I think what I can do is follow your steps, but take the laminated plywood to the bandsaw to cut notches out so that it's removable. Thoughts on if this would be a bad idea at all?

Bob Dunning says:

Love the Red Wings pulls!

Jarrod Randel says:

i just about fell out of my chair laughing at the biscuits. gold.

Gary Myers says:

I loved the part where you you mounted every clamp that would fit, then sat eating biscuits and honey while watching the glue dry.

still34u says:

Damn Bruh, do you even clamp?!

Ezaarkash says:

instead of using all these sheets of plywood, why not use a 4×6 piece? I mean is a clamp, not dinning room table or some expensive furniture piece… I see everyone going through all this cutting and gluing etc..yet there is a FINE Connected ONE pc of lumber out there..

Joe Dov says:

Nice simple very functional.And best of all cheap.

Nathan Johnson says:

The biscuits joke is why I subscribed!

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