Plywood Band Saw Tips / Set Up

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In this demonstration video I’d like to show you in detail the main features of the band saw I finished a few days back. I’ll also try to explain how to adjust it and choose your blades to achieve perfect cuts.

More Info & Plans:

Where to get some materials and tools used in this project:



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Paoson WoodWorking says:

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wood 4 nothing says:

Nice job on the bandsaw it look really good.
Tim from wood 4 nothing

Nick Nasty says:

Suso, did you have all the fasteners or did you do out and buy everything? I did a price check on all the fasteners and it's a good $100.

Ady Unixmoment says:

this is the 1st time i'm commenting on your channel…i admire your work hard and knowledge..thanks for sharing with us…greetings from malaysia

remus don says:

Hi.can you make sliding table saw.thank you.

Dali DIY says:

awesome design! 🙂

Woods and Chainsaws says:

very precise looks

Mo Poppins says:

Your presentation and designs are always impeccable. I love what you're able to do with plywood. 🙂

PirateKitty says:

simply beautiful.

Chisco Garcia Gonzalez says:

Donde compras el contrachapado? Que tipo de contrachapado es?

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Nice video Suso! Thanks for sharing it with us.😎👍JP

Gregorio Fernandez says:

Otra vez y como siempre, me dejaste sin palabras.


Roberto García Ríos says:

Te ha quedado genial!

Ventura3835 says:

Chico eres un fenómeno… Es un gustazo verte trabajar.

Mikhandmaker says:

Wow! I love it

Bram Hijman says:

Very nice video man ! I've got a question: do you know the proportions between the wheel diameter and the band saw blade length of a bandsaw ?

gabor says:

Very good to see the saw in work.This episode is very helpful!!!

Slah Samet says:

always so interesting your videos … plywood master 🙂

Woodworking Barcelona says:

Outstanding job Suso!

roe stalker says:

You are a clever bugger

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