Pocket Hole Joinery

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A demonstration of pocket hole joinery and a review of the Kreg pocket hole jig system.

Pocket hole joinery has become popular for good reason–it’s strong, quick, and easy to do. Watch how it’s done and decide for yourself if this belongs as a part of your toolkit.


Neddskorg says:

Pockethole joinery has been around for over 60 years just wondering how long something has to be around to qualify as relatively new.

Anguswoodbutcher says:

Another excellent straightforward video that feels like its for ordinary Joes without snobbery or condescension. Well done from a grateful Joe who subscribes to your channel.

Jordan McLaughlin says:

I just tried blowing away the sawdust in your video. Wow

Haji Jani says:

A well prepared and explained tutorial video for anyone who's new to this method of woodworking.

Jose Ramiro Espinoza Chavarria says:

Excelente herramienta

w0mbles says:

I'm not sure which YouTube channel I saw it on, but the guy had a really good trick for making a feature of the holes…  instead of using the plugs, he just used a dowel of wood with an opposing colour. So, a dark dowel to go with a light frame.  If the pocket hole is, say, 10mm, then the dowel should be 10mm. Insert the dowel in the hole, and then flush-cut it. Chisel/plane/sand the surface, and it's a nice looking feature.

Giuliano G. says:

It's a very good video regarding Pocket Joinery. My congratulations, indeed.. Just as for Pocket joinery, I see it deals with a fast, practical and almost strong alternative joint to traditional joinery for every day or weekend project  but I wonder and ask you: when building a fine furniture, where one can use important solid woods such as oak, walnut, cherry, beech, ash, chestnut, etc., can one really rely on Pocket Joinery (Kreg Tools, UJK Techn., Trend, ….) and refuse the most reliable and historical joinery in woodworking world such as tenon and mortice, dadoes, rabbets, miter joints  and the famous dovetail ? What about? I like Pocket Joinery and am learning to use it, but I think it' an only valuable alternative to traditional joinery for small, fast and practical projects. Kind regards.

Lote1432 says:

love ur videos man, keep it up

robrez says:

Nice review

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