Power Tool Vs Hand Tool – Power Planer and Scrub Plane Which Tools are Better in a Woodworking Shop

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Does a Power Tool have any place in a Hand tool shop? In this video, I put the Triton TPL 180 up alongside a traditional scrub plane to see which will work better and if there is any place fro a power tool in a hand tool shop. this Power planer is a beast at 7″ wide it is bigger than most joiners but can be handheld and run like a traditional hand plane with the work secured to the bench. So let’s look at how to use a hand plane vs a Triton power plane.

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Liam Carey says:

Playing with power tools is all fun and games until you get a cnc router. Don't be a sell out.

Mark Popovic says:

You didn't mention that the Triton weighs over 8kg! I just got a no2 plane converted to scrub. It's way lighter than a no 4 for instance, i.e. less than 1kg. The Triton may be quicker but I know which one is gonna be less effort!

vince King says:

Power tools aren't all just about speed they are also to decrease the labour to the user. Good for repetitive jobs. A pain for small jobs sometimes. Sometimes it can take longer buying the stuff than the job takes. They are useful

Louis Whitney says:

I think you really made a good point… There is a place for power when you have enough to save you an entire day. If it is just one piece there is n point… Really nice way to show all of that stuff…

Tyler Fitch says:

On your spare time, can you make a video or two on scrap wood projects? Would love to see what you come up with.

Taylor Bowman says:

I'm new to your channel so forgive me if I just Didn't see it, but do you have a book? I want to get into woodworking, love your channel and don't want to get too into power tools if I don't have to.

warf 1955 says:

Enjoyed the vid. But due to w wreck I am very limited on using hand tools. Busted right shoulder and crushed fingers. So I use power tools.

daniel patrick says:

use a bigger scrub plan

Heath Knuckles says:

Excellent information James! 👍👌 Thanks for sharing!

Mickleblade says:

I use a small power plane for the bulk removal and then move to hand planes to finish off. And if you don't fit the vacuum there's chips up the wall, stuck in the spider's webs, in the toolchest, need I continue?

orbodman says:

Be very, very careful James. You don't want people calling you Norm Abram now do you????

OG Timbercraft says:

Nice demo James, that is a beast. Thumbs up.

Dave Strain says:

Welcome to the darkside Haha

Cactus! workshop says:

well, yeah! 🙂

Kaged Creations says:

Do you think you'll get faster as you use the power planer more or do you think it can only be so efficient before peaking

Jeremy Conrad says:

You mentioned that you thought buying a cheap lunch box wouldn't save you any time vs using a scrub plane. That's definitely not the case! My lunchbox saves me a ton of time. If I'm buying nice flat stock I can have all of my wood thicknessed in almost no time! It's great because I can run the noisy equipment in the tied period when the wife isn't home, then do all the quiet stuff when she is. Modern lunchbox planers are surprisingly powerful – I just bought a rikon for around $300, 13" wide cut, max cutting depth is listed as 1/8". Ive never taken a full 1/8" off of a wide board, obviously, but I have taken it off of a 6" board. Worked fine. That's one pass! Also, think about thicknessing drawer parts that you want to be 1/2" or even 1/4"! That'd be a lot to take off by hand. Did it once before I got the planer. Not my idea of a good time. The handheld will help, but running that thing over thin stock held down by (metal) bench dogs would make me nervous. I love my hand tools, but the planer and bandsaw let me skip a lot of the "donkey" work and move on to the fun stuff.

Greg Fowler says:

i am a hybrid woodworker i enjoy dimensioning some things by hand if they are small but anything large i definitely go to power tools , helps that i have a cabinet shop available to me because my father is a homebuilder and we do custom kitchens….. but no matter what for all of my traditional joints i always use hand tools!

Steve Frank says:

"So, what is this rope for?" I'm pretty sure it's used to pull start the planer.

Making Stuff says:

The workout man, with the power tool you will loose those 700 cal that the hand plane takes. haha!

JimMyra Wright says:

Excellent! 🙂

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