Proud Joinery Bevels

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WW’nTip-of-Day #053: Proud Joinery Bevels

Bevels on proud joinery is key to both it’s cosmetics and durability. Without them the exposed parts will dent, split, splinter and self destruct (exaggeration). Today we practice a good way to create those bevels.

Bonus: K-Heritage – Somokjang


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Luke Edwards says:

Is it possible to clean up the bevels with a block plane after the chiselwork or will it still cause spelching?. I don't even have a plane so I can't find out for myself

Brandon Evans says:

Just poking fun… criticism is good

dennis haessly says:

I could watch and listen to you all day, thamks

Brandon Evans says:

I like the video…. but I can’t hear you over the camera noise…. I remember my first camera

Richard Rider says:

Great instruction, as always…thanks….rr

Kamikaze Viking says:

I love the article on teaching on youtube. But I think you are one of the best teachers I've had in ages, despite the lack of personal back and forth. Always with details and demonstrations to explain your points. And I think that out of all the people I watch, your videos are ones that I almost always watch through to the end. 🙂

Sapele Steve says:

Excellent video! Watching the Somokjang video was very interesting & made me realize that I won't be doing anything like that any time soon! That's beautiful wood working………

Alexander Hinman says:

Hey Shawn, are you going to be putting up any more woodwork for sale on your site? I don't think I've seen you add anything in a while.

JJ T says:

Great video and very valuable information!

risby2 says:

Great skills

tagi3d says:

another great vid. I noticed you have some sort of cork? or similar on your vice jaw… can you do a video about which is the best not slip approach on vices?

barbara kvistad says:

Great job. Thanks.

Michael Anderson says:

Nice clip of the Korean master craftsman cutting and fitting joinery. I recently deconstructed three Chinese rosewood tables in pretty bad shape from weathering, hoping to salvage some wood. It was fiendishly difficult to separate the joints, had to break the first one to see how they were made. They looked a lot like the joints in the video, multiple mortises and tenons, angled and straight, some mitered. The tabletop panels were thin, only about 1/4", and stiffened by battens on the bottom that were only 1/8" thick in 1/16" deep sliding dovetails.

Brian Miller says:

Yep, always looking to make my skills look better than they really are. Love it.

Tom Trees says:

Thanks for the link Mr. wortheffort

austin fitch says:

Awsome video

usframe says:

that's a real intimate way to do that, I like it.

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