Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting A Woodworking Business

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// — Questions get you thinking and they inevitably lead to answers – answers that can help you navigate the waters of a startup business. Ask yourself the following questions and think about your answers. Feel free to add additional, relevant questions as well. Do so and you’ll be better equipped for the adventure and increase your odds of success at the same time.
1. Do I understand who my target customers are and what they really want?
2. Can I reach this target group – either by advertising or through product positioning at various shops or shows?
3. What is my unique competitive advantage?
4. What kinds of orders or projects am I actively seeking?
5. Is there any potential business I’m not interested in?
6. Do I have a system in place to continually attract new customers?
7. Do I have the resources to keep my shop active during slower periods?

Asking and answering the right questions helps to prepare you for long-term success in your woodworking business.


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