Quick Workshop Hacks Part 5: Woodworking Tips and Tricks

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Repurposing and rejigging are what make woodworking more fun, like making broken spring clamps work as speed hose clamps, keeping woodworking simple with inexpensive containers, using screw clamps in new and innovative ways and taking simple ideas of c-clamps and bar clamps and making them more efficient. Even a quick DIY way to use a cordless drill to may c-clamps faster.

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Urban Woodworking says:

Thanks for sharing. Very useful tips, Colin. I'm sure many woodworkers will benefit. In all cases I would have done things differently and that reminds me of the old woodworking adage, "there are always at least 3 ways of doing the same thing".For example I would clamp something to the centre of wide board using 2 long battens and 2 clamps. This is not necessarily better than your method but just my natural way of doing it. I use straight-edge clamps which naturally lie flat on a table. So clamping cabinet components is just a matter of laying these clamps on a table and assembling. I have a small workshop so every tool must be multipurpose. Straight -edge clamps are just that, also giving me a quick fence for routing, sawing and marking. When sanding a large board, I just attach a straight-edge clamp across the centre, flip the board to have the surface for sanding on top, clamp the straight-edge clamp in a table vice and sand away.

Mark McCluney says:

Lots of good stuff as always mate. Good vid, thanks for sharing.

Bill Carroll says:

Top tips, mate👍

daviddaddy says:

Hi Colin, i Absolutely Love your Videos! And not just for the tips, but also Because You're Such a Nice, Good Person and i could watch you for Hours! I could tell from your videos how much of a Great, Sincere person you truly are, and thats So rare these days. Take my Friend and God Bless. Thanks for Sharing these wonderful tips.

Peter Compton says:

I agree Colin, you can't do without a few Hand screws. I have 2 x 12" and 2 x 6", which I use as a third hand similar to you, and also for holding small parts on my Drill press or Router.

Gordon Aitchison says:

Very handy tips Colin. Bar the last one how do you think these tips up?

northshorepx says:

Great tips. Thank you.

krn14242 says:

Thanks Colin. Great tips as usual.

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