Quick Workshop Hacks Part 6: Woodworking Tips and Tricks

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This issue video DIY workshop tips include a solution for dealing with sticky lids on wood finishing containers, making a woodworking jig for matching cabinet door handle placement, no-handed nailing with magnets and using nails for improvised drill bits and how to make a quick and effective wood rasp.

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Terry Evans says:

You are a gem among wood workers in my opinion. Some of the hacks you come up with are truly amazing. Please keep them coming.

Andy Pitz says:

More than teeny weeny tips. Great as always, thanks Colin

Harry Davis says:

Thanks again, Colin.

Vic Rattlehead says:

The constant giggle…stop! it's weird

Stella Belikiewicz says:

Uh oh, I forgot to stock up on hard cider, so this time I won’t be able to play the Colin Magnet Drinking Game!

George Cooper says:

Loved the magnet idea matey

BigWingUK says:

Teflon tape…… at 58s you say: "I wrap it on the same way the lid comes off"….but then you proceed to wrap the tape the OPPOSITE way to the way you just took the lid off"!

Brina D says:

Thank you. They are all great tips. I really wanted to comment on the hammer, but there are so many other great tips I can't pick just one. Lol

Hans de Groot says:

Thanks for the clever tips/hacks.it's always a pleasure and very informative to watch your videos.
In these summer months I do not watch all the new videos on the channels I'm subscribed to.
But yours I watch everytime.

Gene Duncan says:

All good tips. I really enjoy your channel and always seem to learn something useful. I have a tip to suggest that has served me well for many years. Occasionally, you will need a small drum sander and if it is portable – just that much better. I take a roll of emery cloth and tear off 2 or 3 feet. I also dig through some of my larger cotter pins to find a suitable candidate. I then insert the emery cloth between the legs of the cotter pin and insert the pin into my drill with the head of the pin away from your drill. If you oriented the emery cloth correctly, the drill will wrap the cloth around the cotter pin with the abrasive side on the outside. As the grit wears down, you only need to remove the last 2 or 3 inches and you can go again.

Balconygarden says:

Thank you, these are wonderful tips!

Zafar Iqbal says:

Lovey time & aggravation saving tricks. Regardd

Chevrolet Diesel Nation says:

I was making a gift for someone who was leaving. And on the back I added some picture frame hangers with the tiny nails and I missed a couple times and it flattened the holder. I wish I thought about the magnets earlier

Thank you

Wiliam Bennett says:

I learned the trick of using a finish nail as a improvised drill bit years ago, but know the idea of a magnet on the hammer face, will definitely save mine and many other their poor fingers.
Would to say that an easy way to clean sawdust from a file is spray with WD40 and take a toothbrush to the milling face. Then to help prevent future build up is a PAM spray on the files.

Thomas Willis says:

Nice tips, thanks.

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

Awesome tips Colin especially the one about the drill bit case.! How cool was that?? The. The one about making the double sided tape rasp. Great tips and ha KSU Colin. ThNks so much!!

gentlebear21713 says:

Next time pick tips that Noone knows

Hardnox says:

Good tips Colin. I particularly liked Teflon tape tip.

Bruce Welty says:

Next step for #1 pickle jars!!

Morska Kumara says:

Great tips!

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