Rearranging a Woodworking Shop

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Renee Romeo says:

Shawn, I just completed my dream shop this year (never had one before) and I look forward to seeing what you do with yours. Again, great meeting up with you at WorkbenchCon and talking your ear off. I'll see you again next year! Project of the day: come up with something crafty for all my stickers. Renee

imabeapirate says:

I've found that putting the heavier things in places that make it easy to access takes priority. If I have to bend and twist to get a large or bulky box out under a table, I'll throw my back out, and nothing is more inconvenient than that. Casters, as such, are amazing things!

The HandToolery says:

Just did mine too! Feels so good to get things organized and looking nice! Lookin forward to seeing more.

Sean Patterson says:

Good on ya' for taking the first step. I fall into that pit of "too many things to do first" often. Thanks for sharing.

JoeBcrafts says:

Always a good to choice to have shop benches, cabinets, jigs, etc all built with ONLY screws so that if/when you want to change something it comes apart easily and a lot of material can be reused.

Alan R says:

Shawn, good points and objectives. I hope it works out well for you. If you need any spare wood for more cleats, etc. let me know. I’m in Jasper, AL and I have plenty of older pine and plywood to get rid of, and I’d like for it to go for a good use.

Nameless Assyrian says:

@ 2:37 Where did you get the motorized Stanley knife from?

tullahomaC says:

Thanks for the idea of the Shop Planner, I never even thought of something like that and I really could use it to make better use of the space in our garage that I have my shop set up in. It currently is in bad shape and I sure could use some help to make better use of the space. Hopefully I will be able to get my truck in out of the Anchorage winter since it is not a daily driver, may have to work that one past the wife though…

LeeroyReading says:

I’ve been thinking, am I right handed or left handed 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤔

Eric Rusch Sr says:

Always a pleasure watching your videos brother.

Makercise says:

I am taking notes. Hopefully i will be organizing a shop before too long. 😉

Steve Carmichael says:

That brick wall looks nice in your shop. I was thinking you might let that be your background behind a new workbench. I've been rearranging stuff too. It's amazing how much stuff I have found that I never use. I've been selling off stuff on ebay to upgrade my cordless tools, and I can't believe the odd things people buy.

Eric Merchant says:

Love your approach to Lean! Baby steps, small moves and you nailed it with making small wins! It’s so easy to get caught up in the planning and never change a thing. I’m constantly tweaking my shop layout and by far the biggest help is de-cluttering! Love your content Shawn

Greg Dent says:

You didnt tell us you were starting today you turkey.

Fred McIntyre says:

Looking forward to seeing how the space evolves. 👍👊

Geoffrey Potts says:

love that brick wall..nice

Sp00ks says:

I think Jay owes you some payback… Just saying.

barbara kvistad says:

I love that brick wall with the reclaimed wood and tools – it made an awesome background for videos. However, I’m interested to see how you arrange your shop. I’m gonna check out that shop design element on Grizzly site.

Kreith 32 says:

Nice video. Looking forward to the next video.
Greetings from my channel, Arne from Kreith32

mike mcclure says:

looking forward to the reorganization, and the workbench builds.

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