Serving Tray with 3 Types of Joinery

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In this video I make a serving tray with 3 types of joinery: finger joints to attach two pieces of wood together; a breadboard attached to each end with a mortise and tenon, using dowels with a draw bore; and legs attached with a sliding dovetail joint.

I made this tray from American black walnut and tiger maple so that there are highly contrasting woods to

Some of the things I used to make this project include:

Freud SD508 Super Dado Set: //

INCRA I-Box Jig: //

INCRA 1000SE Miter Gauge: //

Freud 1/4″ Spiral Up-cut Bit: //

Freud 1/2″ Dovetail Bit: //

Freud 1/4″ Roundover Bit: //

Minwax Tung Oil Finish: //

Behlen Paraffin Oil: //

Behlen 2F Pumice Stone: //

Crystal Clear Paste Wax: //

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Rob Robertson says:

I sure would 🙂

bava rashi says:


bava rashi says:

Hi sir how are you. I am Rashid from India Kerala U making all wood work is very nice and amazing I have no words to say when you coming India to visit call me I will help u

Jerry Stark says:

Nicely done!

T wagner says:

I made my own feather boards they work great.

T wagner says:

You are one of the few that elongate the outer holes on the breadboard ends so it can expand seasonally. Several "makers" don't know what to do.

Reinier Torres says:

Please turn off your saw when testing or assembling stuff on the table, a minor mistake and you can be seriously injured. Forgiveness is not in the table saws list of attitudes.

Michael Coceski says:

Hi Mike. I like your projects and presentation style. Just subbed.

Dale Brown says:

Someone needs to introduce this guy to featherboards…….

Anthony Lau says:

Looks like a great project for a wood class and great use of leftover end cuts. I would make this.

Kuffys Woodwork says:

Now that's a perfect serving tray for a woodworker!

Peter Ballard says:

Yeah I would make it. Probably wouldn't do as much finishing as you though. Just my style though.

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Cool board, Mike! I think the finger joints are my favorite part.

Todd Weller says:

Looks awesome!

nscr2 says:

Are you Canadian?

I Enjoy Creating Videos says:

Great looking serving tray! Thanks for sharing it with us.😎👍JP

Alex Reid says:

Just received my INCRA I-Box Jig last week. If I give this project a go I will be sure to let you know how it turns out 🙂 Great work!

Marcos Joao Silveira says:

Excellent work, beautiful beautiful. My name is Marcos, live in Brasil

Rogério Laureano da Costa says:

Sensacional, parabéns.

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