Seven tips to improve your woodworking accuracy

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Accuracy is vital in furniture making in this video I give my seven top tips to achieve accuracy.

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Lloyd Melsome-Smith says:

Just to add. A lot of younger viewers have probably never even heard of a vernier scale, never mind knowing how to read one!

Lloyd Melsome-Smith says:

Hi Chris, just watched your latest video. I'm sure you already know, that vernier is the scale and caliper is the tool so you can have vernier or digital calipers. You may notice, digital calipers also have a vernier scale.

Mike Fewster says:

Pleased to see the vernier calipers on your list .. a lot of hand tool purists seem to poo-poo them.
Like you, I have mine on the bench most of the time.
.. great video as always

ernie kleinman says:

Excellent points chris , cheers

Man la says:

I see people use vernier to as marker that makes me feel a bit uneasy.

Tim Smith says:

Hi Chris,hope your ok.chris are you in the uk by any chance and if so where.kind regards email is

Joe Dov says:

Great tips as always Chris.Thank you

Ben Tyreman says:

I was surprised at the difference between a H and HB pencil, thanks.

Woody Chen says:

Thank you, Chris

Art Wood Sculpture says:

a sharp pencil in the knife line

A Frend says:

When you showed four fingers for tip#4, how the hell did you fold down your little finger while holding the others straight!?  That's not natural.  (Nice video.)

Cyrille Velez says:

lignt is also important …i

Thom spillane says:

Great information to go by especially the last one. Take care.

joe obrien says:

A sharp pencil in the knife line used lightly helps to see the marked area.Shade all waste.

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