Shop Tour 3: Jeff Heath – Metalworking and Woodworking

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Number three in my shop tour series – we visit the shop of Jeff Heath in Crystal Lake, IL. Jeff is a very accomplished woodworker and maker of wooden hand planes. He has a very nice shop for both woodworking and metalworking where he builds furniture, makes some really nice high end hand planes, rebuilds machinery and does pretty much whatever else he likes.

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Josh Smith says:

Cabinet maker here and I could not imagine working in such a bad setup. Terrific machines though I'll bet they would be wonderful if he put plugs on them and got a dust collector. I wonder if it's hard for him to have a dust free shop with no dust collection. I can get rid of my dust with two of them

Tim McNeil says:

I'm blown away by this shop! I'm kind of Jeff's neighbor, only 1/2 hour to forty minutes away, so I sure do hope to see it in person some day.

Tom Kovacic says:

Nice video ! Jeff is a great guy and craftsman !

Keith Ward says:

Youtube needs to add an envy rating instead of just thumbs up and down. I assume the few thumbs down were just that.

Waiakalulu says:

Did I miss the DoAll discussion? That was a pretty cool one!

Jeff Moss says:

very cool shop!!

OnlyTheEd says:

I for one, like that "knotty pine" tongue and groove paneling. Thumbs up for that.

Razor Works says:

Thanks for this one Keith, I'm gonna have to subscribe to Jeff's channel if he has one! Razor!

My home machine shop HS53 says:

Very impressive shop , love it .

Da vid says:

My dad would cry over seeing those machines and not having them. I mean they´re kinda big but as my boss likes to say: "Having stuff is better than to wish you had it when you need it."

Ken Handscombe says:

Thanks for the shop tour Keith, Jeff, You have some fantastic machines Jeff, would have liked to have seen that K and T at work, Regards from OZ.

Dana Nelson says:

Thanks for sharing Keith. As you said, It's an awesome shop.

Banke Andersen says:

WAW I am one big smile Thanks Loved it!!!

Clyde Cessna says:

In general, can one use most metal machine shop tools for wood?

bobie gale says:

Where did Jeff get the dentist smock

Graham O'Keeffe says:

Oh I'm going to have to go get the mop and bucket as I'm drooling everywhere. Lovely workshop and love the old machines.

benrivenbark says:

Keith, Jeff must think highly of you and your shop visit; He even pulled a brand new shirt straight out of the package for the event! 😀 Kidding aside, That's a lot of beautiful equipment there.

Larry Pardi says:

Great work and some very cool tools.

Jeff Nagel says:

Hey Keith, show this fella how to use a camera and start his tube channel. Would love to see him getting those old beasts working! ….so jealous

Garry Fuller Sr says:

What a Great looking Shop.

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