Small Woodworking Projects–Simple Woodworking Projects for beginners [2 of 3]

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Easy Woodworking projects | Small Woodworking Projects [Part 2 of 3]

Below is a timeline of the video which is interactive. Just click the time on the left to be brought to that section of the video.

Towel Rack
00:01 Avian demonstrates how you can cut the dadoes using a router as opposed to a table saw with a dado blade.
01:05 Radius cuts — Avian shows you how to make the radius cuts using a jigsaw.
01:41 Assembling the rack- everything is dry fitted just to make sure everything fits together. Then the rack is nailed and glued. The rack is then sanded and a finish is applied.
Cassette Rack
02:24 Although the cassette rack and the towel rack share a similar construction. Avian explains the different features in making the audio cassette rack
02:51 Les shows you how to make the bevelled cuts for the cassette rack. The cassette rack is then dry assembled. It is then nailed and glued then sanded and finished
How to make a cutting board / butcher block/ chopping board for the kitchen
05:07 A butcher block is made from a solid piece of lumber


Be sure to watch part 1 again if you need to, if not proceed to part 3:

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Amy W. Callahan says:

You do not need much of skill about woodworking to have your project built and ready for use

haddokus says:

madame i like ur videos–wish we use less tools–and i like u to show me how to make cup-board–doors–thanks in advance. ur videos r a big blessin to us–thanks

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