Strength Testing Salt and Grit on Woodworking Glue Joints

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Woodworkers who glue boards together always need to contend with the slippage caused by wood glue in trying to keep boards aligned during glue-ups, one way of doing this is to use small amounts of salt or other grits to make the boards adhere better and in this video I am testing a few different grits to see how well they work.

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MrGoosePit says:

Very interesting. Glad you put it to the test. Thanks Colin!

Михаил Фильченков says:

Век живи-век учись! Спасибо!!

Hardnox says:

Colin, thanks for doing this test. I always wondered about it affecting the glue. The other grits would destroy planer blades whereas salt would not since it melts into the glue.

Mark McCluney says:

I suppose if you use salt you've got well seasoned wood right there. Geddit?

PuppetWood says:

I have learned so much from watching you. Even if I am just made of cloth and stuffing.

SH taa says:

nice video
thank you

Marco Roose says:

Thanks for answering this question!

Don Stanley says:

Colin, Thank you for taking the time to test the salt theory! Based on your test results, I won't be afraid to use try this technique!

DIY DAD says:

nice video, i've been using the salt method for some time now always wondered about the strength, not anymore thumbs up

Mahendra Tiwari says:

Thank you Sir! I always did wonder but now your experiment proved that it hardly makes any difference 😊

David Fricker says:

I use a few drops of fast cure supperglue.

giovanni petitti says:

Hi kolin,the pepper test?😂😂😂😂😂😂

fiberinspector says:

cool vid
I use salt

Gordon Aitchison says:

First time I've been first.

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