The $15 Fifteen Minute Bench – Easy DIY Project

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$15 and 15 minutes can make you this bench!
-Miter Saw: //
-Drill and Impact Driver: //

-2″x4″ (Home Depot): //
-2″x8″ (Home Depot): //
-2 1/2″ Screws (Home Depot): //
48″l x 17″h x 14 1/2″d

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Uhhhhh says:

Comment section is either H&S officers or foot guys

Greg Mendez says:

Can we use nail guns instead of the screws?

Denise Dixon says:

This looks exactly like something I can use in my laundry room for folding, making the legs longer. Would I need more support if I do that?

chris done says:

Mild porn, how sad. Next week we will make a pair of clogs.

Fernando Alvarado says:

I love your videos, please continue with your effort to build more stuff… Thank you!!!!

M Mower says:

Thanks for the vid! Made one last night, these plans were VERY helpful!!

Dogue Cub says:

Both my "Dogues" are infatuated with your little Jack Russel. The 177lb male Dogue just lays there staring intently with just his eye's moving side to side, while my 145 lb female sits wagging her tail and licking her chops in great anticipation. I told her there would be no taste tasting the Russell! I'd totally trust her though, she's a good wanna be momma. She loves our week old kitten rescues. She cleans them after their feeding and will not leave their safe space. I think my female Dogue thinks she's their momma. The male dog without a doubt would eat them, then Duchess would kill the male Dogue. It wouldn't be good. Yes, the female can whoop the male Dogues ass clear across my yard and back. He runs and hides from her. When I first brought him home my female went into heat 4 months later or so. She would tease him and shake it in his face and flag him left and right. Soon as he tried to mount her she jumped, spun around, grabbed him by the neck and shook him violently until he fell into submission on the floor, then she grabbed his head with her front paws and humped his face. Poor Duke will never be the same.
Sometime females have to keep their partner in check yanno, Has your drop dead gorgeous Ms. ever had to put you in place like that? Bites his lower lip, I'd strongly encourage her to! Bahahhahahahaaha Ha! Im sorry, No idea what's gotten into me. I blame it on the smoking hot little bare footed babe in her yoga pants. Now I see a little devil version of her doing a build in innocent white nylons with her perfectly painted red toes showing through in a little plaid school girl dress and some geeky nerdy glasses! Omgerdddddddddddddddddd, Dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh picks his tongue up and hides it, wifey just walked in! Puts a pillow over his lap, grammies peanut butter fudge, grammies peanut butter fudge ughhh must flush the filth from my mind!

Dogue Cub says:

Gawd I love the way she wraps her hand tightly around that hot drill and blows on the head of it. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Akmalany Prak says:

Well, I guess I'll be stopping by Home Depot, today.

Andrew August says:

foot porn..yum!

ShadeTreeChef says:

Love the video's but the music is gettin really old. Let's put on some Bootsy Collin's or some Parliment-Funkadelic. Let's get excited about making cheap furniture. hahahahahahaha I like put my pallet furniture in random public places. Like park trails and common areas around the University. I walk by most of it is still there. I never tell anyone that I did it until now.

J&R Isaacson says:

Great work! Lot of haters out there. But the stuff you build is about 100X better than the particle board junk you'd get in a department store. Looks pretty good too. But I think a basic Kreg jig (or cheaper knock-off, mine was $26) would open up a lot of doors for you (pun intended).

shanesmaineshop says:

A nice easy to make bench. looks great.

Greybeard says:

I like the way you do your projects, but some simple instruction instead of the looping music would be a big improvement, IMHO.

memadman says:

I can watch her all day !! @3:38

Bamboo Warrior says:

Fat people add bracing lol

LuAnna Dobson says:

What stain color was used? Love your videos. You often don't specify what stain colors you use… I wish you would because the final product is so beautiful.


That’s a shitty bench.

Steve Gardiner says:

Awesome job I’ve been watching for a little while now. Love the dog! I’ve got one very similar

the Lying Scotsman says:

Stunning and the bench isn't bad either,love your dog.

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