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If you are watching this video chances are you are interested in the revolutionary world of CNC woodworking and are following the new developments in CNC technology and those pioneered by the team at Legacy Woodworking Machinery.

I am going to share a bit of Legacy’s story and history and hopefully answer the question,” What makes Legacy Woodworking Machinery different from all other CNC manufacturers?”

Legacy History – 1:18
In 1989 two brothers from Spring City, Utah, Andy and Tracy Anderson, designed and produced Legacy’s first woodworking tool, the Ornamental Mill. This tool re-purposed the basic shop router and turned it into a powerful spindle production tool. Router bit shapes or profiles were used to quickly create spindles that had previously required many different shop tools to produce and were impossible to create on a lathe.

Over the next 18 years, Legacy produced over 12,000 of these spindle routing systems and developed many new woodworking processes and techniques. When we introduced our first CNC system in 2008, our experience provided a tremendous advantage over the competition and we become an instant leader and innovator in the world of CNC woodworking.

You can see this experience in the CNC woodworking equipment we produce today. Each Legacy CNC system incorporates an integrated spindle milling system, allowing the operator to produce turned round spindles, indexed spindles, spiral spindles, and rotary carved spindles in addition to the 2D and 3D parts produced on other CNC routing systems. You can also add precision joinery such as sliding dovetails joints or mortise and tenon joints without the need to move to a second machining center, saving you time and handling.

These processes are unique to Legacy. No one in the world writes software for these types of CNC operations, so our resident software wizard, Tracy Anderson, created a software program that utilizes Legacy’s exclusive turning capabilities with an articulated bed. This innovative CAM software program is called Conversational CAM or C-CAM for short. You simply answer a series of questions about the spindle you want to produce and Legacy’s C-CAM software automatically generates the code for your Legacy CNC spindle milling system.

Legacy is continually updating C-CAM. For example, the latest toolpath operations allow you to work on square or multi-sided spindles on straight and tapered surfaces.


Owais Qadri says:

Is it only sold in America? Do you ship it to other countries as well or do you have distributors in other countries?

Stan Shuford says:

Great video, Chris.

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I appreciate the frequency of the videos you post.

Curtis George says:

Good job on your video. Thank you.

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Thank you, Chris!  Well done!

Up Tech CNC PVC LT-130 says:

Try out Centroid CNC12 with Acorn or Oak boards…
Better than Mach3 or Mach4!!!

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