These Wood Clamps Will Blow Your Mind!!

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These amazing hand made wooden clamps will blow your mind.



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Phil Murch says:

What an incredible story, both sad and uplifting. You truely are a master craftsman Mr M.

Stefano Musica says:

I wonder what would happen if each one of us who have watched this video bought one clamp? That would make someone's life a lot easier.

V Star 1300 Adventures says:

That traditional squeeze clamp would be something I would love to purchase the plans for if they would be willing to offer such a thing for sale. That is exactly the style of clamp I am in the mood to create right now. How many clamps do you need in a wood shop…one more.

Chris Colbeck says:

Philip, God bless you!! Your work is beautiful if only I was in the states I would be honoured to own some of your work. May be you could do trade for trade and give clamps, boxes etc to tradesmen and women to reroof your home Just a thought. Cody you have a Hart of gold!! Bless you all. All the best Chris c.( correctcut joinery) England Bradford westyorkshire

Chris G. says:

Amazing story, thank you for sharing!

Dan Wallis says:

Very moving. Made my night. I love the stories you share. Thank you

mark goode says:

Oh yes, without question, the clamp-maker is a master craftsman. Such a sad and yet hope-filled story. I have no doubt that given the right venue this man would be able to sell every tool be could make.  Great to see such excellent craftsmanship. Best wishes.

Simone Camplani says:

does someone know how to make such thing?, with regular metal tap and die?

Gallagher's Homestead says:

Amazing story and beautiful craftsmanship. I pray that God continues to use you Mr. McRae to bless others. God bless.

Agus Tiyanto says:

How To Make

Michael Cyngier says:

These clamps are just beautiful and a work of art in themselves. I’m just getting into woodworking, trying to take after my grandfather. These deserve to be in a frame on a wall and also dirty from being used every day. So amazing sir

madrigalitojf says:

EXCELLENT beautifull , I think they are to decorate your work while wait the glue, or even when you hold wood gives you the push to do it better and beautifull

Joe Dov says:

Awesome clamps ! Sad story Of a very talented Man. Hold your head up Bud You are Very talented.

wahinenuiloa says:

Great story! and yes, you are a good man for showcasing his talents, story, and craftsmanship.

Robert Carman Sr. says:

God bless Mr mckray for his service and bless him for his giving nature he is truly an inspiration to all with his craftsmanship

Justin Moore says:

Those are beautiful clamps any update on where to buy them? Or barter.

officershazaam says:

Ever make a wood clamp?

Peter & Sue holzberger says:

what a wonderfull piece of craft man's ship i would love to own some they are so well made.

Ray The 5TH Cut says:

Beautiful story and beautiful.

Sudarshan Juyal says:

Simply amazing….

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