Timber-framed Work Bench – Ep.5 – Leg Post Joinery

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James Miller says:

Very nice work.

Rabbit Hunter says:

That's right the saw is supposed to do all the work nit your arms. Good stuff. Cheers RH

ben johnson says:

Jesus Kyle what have you done to me? I'm now hours into sharpening all my knives over the past week and I've run out of steel edges. My wife is now scared to stick her hand in the kitchen knife drawer and my left arm's missing much of its hair. my collection of work/fun pocket knives have mirrored finishes. If I don't get help soon the butter knives are next. thanks 😦

Wesley Lushman says:

Great looking legs you got there, hope your wife don't get jealous. Lol. You don't see many slicks being used this day and age. Good job.

Mark Wilson says:

Lookin good there Kyle. I’m actually building a work bench at this time as well ! Mine will look more like a giant Sawhorse tho. Hehheh ( for portability, to on-site work.) I hope to get a shop like yours someday ( lots of elbow room.)

Nick Miller says:

Great video. I am enjoying the highs and lows so far. Do ya think that maybe the glue froze before it had a chance to dry? Anyway, glad to see it worked out. The legs look like they are going to be strong.

Chris Mccollum says:

I'm really crappy at saw work as well. Thank God for hand chisels!!

Sandy Barnett says:

Enjoyed the chisel work,lovely

Danny Walker says:

Very Nice work, I can't wait til the rest of the parts all come together.

Ray Bartlett says:

This is going to be exciting! The saws are performing well

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