Tour Nick Offerman’s California Workshop

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Parks & Recreation co-star Nick Offerman is more than just a gifted actor. He’s a bonified, true-blue woodworker. Take a tour of his workshop and find out why Nick is more at home in the shop then on the set. Visit // for more woodworking technique videos.


Jäger From GSG9 says:

This is late and everyone has said this but I just need to vent essentially. Why does this guy think it’s ok to go and touch stuff. The part with the coffee table annoyed the shit out of me. He messed it all up and didn’t even really ask. It’s so disrespectful.

Turk3YbAstEr says:

That's a sweet router jig


so much better than Kevin O'Conner interviewing him on "this old house"

Ben Houghton says:

His wood closet is epic

steal threaded says:

The patience is the problem for me. more than a couple days and i get bored.

Andrew Geldmacher says:

Does anyone know what’s the name of that surfacing jig his friend has?

KillFace4President says:

Watching Nick makes me want to get into woodworking. Unfortunately, I live in a tiny duplex with a roommate and it's not really an option for me there

KobeBe says:

Hate this interviewer so much

AmanduhBee says:

Fresno shout out! woop woop

Terrill brown says:

Nick should have been like dude stop touching my wood!! 😁

CoonAss Fabrication says:

well he must know mathias wandel

buzzwaffle says:

Beautiful canoe. I was always afraid of power tools & I quit furniture design because of that. I need to take Offerman's class.

Mike Andrews says:

I bet there's bacon somewhere in that shop

Inspector Steve says:

How did he get the rot on those end tables so smooth and shiny? Is it just sanding

Silver Back says:

I heard all the lumber in his shop has the scent of whiskey and semen combined.

Stephen Peot says:

But is it up to code? Hahah nice place man.

José Balaguer says:

Should I go into woodworking?

Heru- deshet says:

Good to have something to fall back on between acting gigs.

thefilthelement says:

Why are you going to walk around playing with someone's stuff? Have a little respect.

Mark Dugni says:

The whole thing is funny if you convince yourself that Ron Swanson is the guy on the video

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