Ultimate DIY Workbench!

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Ultimate DIY Workbench – Compact and Time Saving
Get the plans here!: //goo.gl/ZMcLqV
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Melrose Design says:

Cool looking desk man, and awesome editing! I like that plan sheet that shows the different cuts for each ply. Every time I start a project that is the most difficult part for me is not wasting ANY wood. Thank you, subscribed

Woodworking Engineering says:

Nice setup 😊 Why don’t you add two small shelves at each side of the miter saw to support long lumbers? I was thinking to some 2×4” you can pull towards you or push inside the cart so they disappear. Oh, and you may want to label the power cords 😉

Luis Ambros says:

Muy bueno 👍

Billy Grow says:

Love it, and I think it's possibly the right idea for my shop/garage area. I have a different idea on how to do the miter saw though, but the aggregate of idea you got in that workbench is really great.

ksp1278 says:

that's a great workbench. I will have my first proper workshop space (a single car garage) in 6 days time when I complete on purchase of a house. You have inspired me with a few ideas

CyberGolem says:

Very cool table. Btw, for the miter saw, here's a possible solution if you can find a heavier duty version of it :: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUA74YlRIlE

Marshall Collins says:

dude this is freaking brilliant

Dennis Jackson says:

What about having the miter saw on some sort of platform that rises upward? Not necessarily on pistons, but anything that can raise it up to lock in place, not a flip and store. It's hard to tell if you'd impede space if the table saw was also a little further back. Hard to tell from the video.

Bob Iadicicco says:

looks great, have you thought about something like a cabinet mixer stands for the miter saw?

Bits of Pulp says:

Also, if you're cutting a piece that's so tall you can't drop the miter saw even one inch, then it probably can't be cut by the miter saw anyway.

laulanro says:

Great video! Really cool inspiration for those of us with limited space! What song did you use in the intro?

Jeff Kowalski says:

Great video! I wish I had this vid 20 years ago. I built myself something smaller from shop notes mag early on but this thing is sweet! Now I have a slight bigger shop with bigger tools but I’m gonna still steal some ideas from this.

shootinblanks007 says:

There is cabinet hardware for a swing out shelf that might interest u… usually used for larger mixers

Sisonpyh M says:

You can buy hinges that raise up to use for your mitersaw. You can keep it in the same place and it would be obstruct your out feed table

Anthony Anderson says:

Love the work bench idea. For your mitersaw pull out you could probably use the mechanism for an under counter mounted mixer to raise it to the height of the work bench top or even slightly below the top would it could be used like it is for the table saw

David R. Darrow - drdarrow says:

Very clever build, and really good reasoning. Thanks for all this.

Jack Lynn says:

Great video, and cool worldbench. I plan on building one just like it for my small•ish work shop. Thank you

Jason Browder says:

I have got to know what is the model of that power strip. I could really use one of those with a switch for every plug. Thanks

Eric S says:

Excellent video on the reasons behind the design decisions. Well done!

Jeremy Cornelle says:

Another idea for the miter saw is this idea… Saw this Video years ago of a pull out shelf with a manual lift.. You could do this but turn lift around to come out and away from workbench… //youtu.be/-HgZgsrQ7Qs?t=4m30s was on the AmericanWoodworker channel… and thought about using it in my next build for something.

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