Ultimate Workbench + 10 Shop Storage Solutions

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Big thank you to Rockler (//bit.ly/2oWrisB) and Purebond (//bit.ly/2KFEgoV) for sponsoring this video.
Link to Plans: //bit.ly/2LdT3Z0
Storage Bins Diagram: //bit.ly/2ISiMb8

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Things I Used in This Project:
Triton Track saw: //amzn.to/2qmTytb
Purebond Plywood: //thd.co/2LfF6cY
ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection: //amzn.to/2pEjNtv
Jobsite Saw: //amzn.to/2rcHuYP
Triton SuperJaws: //amzn.to/2zYTWSv
Titebond Original Wood Glue: //amzn.to/2hMkdZw
Glue Brush: //bit.ly/2pJGNrU
Triton Drills: //bit.ly/2qqO4sK
18 Gauge Brad Nailer: //amzn.to/2IvOziJ
Rockler Shop Block: //amzn.to/2GzFcZt
Rockler Bandy Clamps: //amzn.to/2iMIhvF
Rockler Bench Cookies: //amzn.to/2xnZC7d
Miter Saw Stand: //bit.ly/2pwceVy
Miter Saw: //amzn.to/2tF5Azc
Titebond Thick and Quick: //amzn.to/2KflUe0
Rockler Quick Release Casters: //bit.ly/2IBbaGC


emilobohne says:

I tell you something. I see that you workshop is very big and you have a lot of space and tool in him.

Scott Nice says:

I am curious if as you use the bench do you find yourself getting snagged or tripping from things along the side of your work table. That being said, this is a cool idea and a reasonably inexpensive table. Nice work.

Erik Karling says:

Amazing table! I'm an insta-fan.

Fred Tuttle says:

Questions regarding Sketch up if you have the time to answer, I'd really appreciate any input:
1. Best / quickest method to learn?
2. Is Sketch up Pro the way to go?
3. I'd like to run on MacBook, any downside?

Bartlomiej Balwinski says:

That`s awesome.

Dru Clementz says:

Super bench! Thanks for sharing! I believe there will be one of these in my new shop, which should be up and functioning within 3 to 4 months 😁

nativewear23 says:

You should do a tiny home build!! That’s what I need!

off grid out west red neck says:

Super handy women !!, I like it , I love it, want some more of it …

Dimensionswoodworks says:

I did the same thing for my speed squares but i just put a screw on the side of the bench and just hang the square on the screw…

andrew peters says:

You have more tools and equipment than a pro.

Frank says:

Esta genial el trabajo. la unica observación que hago es respecto las gavetas de los tornillos y clavos… creo que al estar trabajando se ensuciaría mucho de viruta y aserrín…

Frank says:

Veo esta chica y siento que me vuelvo a enamorar… como me gustaria compartir mi taller con alguien asi

Brian Prusa says:

What a great vid! So many different ideas and useful storage solutions!

Joe Framer says:

First time viewing, I quess for a diy type, channel for non professionals it’s ok

Wayne Welshans says:

Some really great storage ideas there. Please update us later on as to how well the various storage items are working! Very curious to see if your hardware bins jump off when hammering on the bench

Sergio Aguero says:

Exelente trabajo felicitaciones!!! Saludos desde PARAGUAY!!! Exitos!!!✋👋

Jeremy Talbot says:

Nice bench! The only thing I would do different, is to use white melamine for the top. Easy to clean, reflects light, and its cheap.

Gary Harper says:

Did you do a video on the hvac for your new shop?

Alexander Obrien says:

Your talent has attracted me.

Leonardo Rivera says:

I'm in love.

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