Which Joinery Technique is the Strongest? ft. Kreg & Festool Domino | Hand Tool Shootout

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Time for another Hand Tool Shootout, this time looking at butt joints, comparing the Kreg Jig, Festool Domino, Biscuits, Hand-Cut and Machine Cut Mortise and Tenon joints. I will be looking at the time it takes to cut these joints, the fit finish and repeatability, and the strength.

At the end we will look at a breakdown of the value of all of these tools for a home gamer hobbyist vs a professional in a shop.

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Affiliate Links for Tools Referenced

Floating Tenons (Domino Joinery)

Domino System

Festool All the Tenons all the bits

Fancy festool Dust Extractor(it is a beast)

Cheapy Shop Vac

Hand Cut Mortise & Tenon

Dozuki Z Saw



Machine Cut Mortise & Tenon

Bosch Jobsite Saw (Takes a 15/16″ Dado stack)

Bosch Colt Router Palm Router

Dado Stack

Freud 8′ Dado Stack

Biscuit Joint

Biscuit Joiner VonHaus (Brand Doesn’t matter)

Biscuits Porter Cable

Pocket Holes

Kreg K5 and everything you’ll need

Floating Tenons (Domino Joinery)

Domino 500


Festool All the Tenons all the bits

Fancy festool Dust Extractor

Cheapy Shop Vac


colin farrier says:

Hi, I don't use butt joints much but for a wooden bench from pallet wood I used through screws and wood plugs. My bench has stood outside for three years and suffered more damage from wind blowing the light structure over. One joint came apart and I used the next size up screw ( from 4mm to 5mm) and new wooden plug.

Stephen Cook says:

Its easier to make a hand cut mortice if you use a mortice chisel rather than a bevel, firmer or paring, all of which have their uses.

DIY Huntress says:

This was super informative – awesome video!

Gregory Mosher says:

Do I see a tac vest behind you? Hope you got your mag pouches clipped 😉

charles gerry says:

What glue did you use as the oils in Doug fir will stop most glues being effective. I've used biscuits for this and they've never failed that easily

Giuseppe Bibbo says:

Your machine cut mortises are rounded at the ends allowing the adjacent piece rock side to side.
Yours truly,

MAGA MAN says:

The problem with your tool comparison and pricing at the end is that a pocket screw jig is a one trick pony, but a table saw has unlimited uses. Also, $800 for a table saw, router and a dado stack? What kind of crap tools are you buying? I don't buy expensive tools because I have a ton of money, I buy (somewhat) expensive tools because I don't have the money to buy the cheap ones twice.

MrBitcoin says:

Thankyou!! This is great for a beginner like me. More of these learning materials please!


Robin Parman-Kranz says:

Good video.

Manolo Fernandez says:

I wish I could work that fast!

Perry Gray says:

Have you tried pocket holes and glue?

mark a says:

These comparisons really make very little practical sense. All these joinery techniques have their place . One isn't better than the next they serve different functions. You wouldn't use a pocket screw where it would be visible, a door for example but it makes perfect sense to use it on a face frame where the screws will be hidden. Dominos would be a great thing to align a difficult glue up.

Nicholas Brown says:

Butt joint=free. Kreg jig=$140. Domino festool=$1000

Anonymous says:

dont need to see the vid. festool every time

Jim Gerth says:

What about first letting the glue soak into the end and dry to then glue it together and not have it soak in anymore? And would you recommend something like glueing them together and then adding some pocket holes?

Alfred Neumann says:

If i remember right, Matthias Wandel did such a test a longer time ago.

Edward Turpin says:

I like dowel pins. Live in an an apartment, and I feel hammering out a mortise produces too much noise. Dowel pins are available at big box stores at OK, prices. I don't like the look of screws, and every piece of older furniture I've seen that depended on screws has become loose. Screws don't expand, contract, or bend the way wood does, causing them to loosen up over time.

rusty Shackleferd says:

Go domino!!!!!

michele vitarelli says:

where is the common dowel?

DiscoFrisc0 says:

Great video, but have you ever heard of kilograms ?!?!

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