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If you are a beginner wood carver or just want to know more about it…. This video is just for you! In this video I am going to the wood shop to buy the best wood for carving and I will be showing you what tools to buy and how to carve an amazing acanthus leaf! I hope you enjoy!

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Other Videos=
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Sam I Am says:

Wow amazing work. What carving tools are you using? Is there a cheap set you would recommend for a beginner?

Andy Pugh says:

IMO I think you should keep them for your tool cabinet rather than a picture frame. Nice work.

Paul Urbaniak says:

Great carving, cool video.
I really like the idea of the leaves being the handles on the doors of the cabinet.

Highlandboxes says:

Beautiful work Sean 🙂

Simon Goodson says:

A work of art Sean . You sure have an eye for detail and great chisel control. Nice video 👍🏻

The Wood Barber says:

Great carving Sean

Renante Cabelin says:

I always enjoy watching your video,.keep up the good work 👍

The Redsmith says:

Amazing work Sean. As always!

Tutfakulo says:

You can redissolve the hot glue with a simple hair dryer.

Earl Ledoux says:

I really enjoy your video content. Keep up the good work bud.
Earl Ledoux

David Handley says:

Amazing work as always. What I can’t quite work out is how thick to make the piece for carving? Thanks.

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