Wood turning – basic project for beginners, showing my way of practicing

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tony toomey says:

Thank you Afshin, true to your word and a nice uncomplicated tutorial for beginners like myself with sound advice throughout. As I don't have a finger nail spindle gouge and would like to try the concave turning at each end of the apple, do you think it would be manageable with a diamond point detail carbide tool as I do have one of those? Cheers to you my friend, regards, Tony.

glenn moreland says:

I've given a like…

I don't want to comment on it really as I wouldn't know what to say….
I just watched it and think of it as something for me to practice myself…

H F Bowern Designs - Harold Bowern says:

Nicely done Afshin


Robert Hoyle says:

I am planning to buy a lathe and start to learn this art. I find your videos inspiring. Please continue to provide some training videos as well as your wood art.

Where do you live, and what is your nationality?

Great work !

Alan Simpson says:

Very worthwhile project Afshin as I'm always keen to try to get more people interested in the great art of woodturning. I've always loved the beauty of wood and I began woodturning when I had to go abroad for several months to work. I bought a small Proxxon model makers lathe (Β£140) and took a load of pen kits and blanks with me and made hundreds of (beautiful) pens.
I then progressed on to get the full works.
These days are filled with frustration for me as I have so many diversions I can't knuckle down to full-time turning.

Aryajet says:

Afshin, you need to start your own wood turning teaching classes. Really

Mahendra Tiwari says:

Thank you Afshin for your tutorial😊

tuffy marginez says:

Morning Afshin….(2 big cups of COFFEE this morning)….I found this one very interesting…( I need the basics )…I think everyone with experience uses the "basics" but seldom talk about how it;s done…Thank You…Wood turning 101 is for everyone…I look forward to your next adventure….tm

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