Wooden Hinge – Jewellery Box Part 9 – SE Woodwork

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This video is part 9 of the jewellery box making series! I will be making the wooden hinge for the box. The hinge and inlay is all made from Black Ebony!

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Stuart Nagle says:

Now that’s a great hinge Sean…is there any reason you did not take the brass wire entirely through the hinged joint ?? Your jewellery box is certainly starting to come together….can’t wait to see the remaining work…👍🏻


Wow that looks amazing nice work

Bored User says:

great hinge! just waiting for the comments about not using push sticks when using the jointer….

TheAnimystro says:

Idk how you do it man. Ever since exams started I've only damaged to get out to the shed twice. Mad respect.

The Turtle Carpenter says:

Looks Great Sean ! Not shown was the thoughts, planning and setup to make it all work ,, Kudos ! Those router bearings can screw up a project and by using the tape you avoided that, A card scraper to clean up the ebony would of been less stressful and controllable as the corners of the plane blade could have ruined your day. Enjoy your summer !

Simon Goodson says:

Great hinge Sean. The box is coming along very nicely look forward to next instalment

Andy Pugh says:

Great hinge!! Those ebony curls from the dowel jig look like some beautiful chocolate goodness!

ray carpenter says:

Rob Cosman has been making these hinges for years.

Brian Domski says:

This was fantastic…I've always used barrel hinges and they are a PITA in terms of alignment. Do you have a link to share for the fixture that turns the dowels round and the one that centers the little holes in each dowel? Great stuff, Sean.

Lauri Niskanen says:

What a cool way to make a hinge!

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