three in 1 Workbench. The right way to construct a Workbench. Desk Noticed, Router desk, Jig noticed desk. DIY. Workshop.

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Constructing three in 1 Workshop. Do-it-yourself desk noticed
A workbench is a desk utilized by woodworkers to carry workpieces whereas they’re labored by different instruments. There are a lot of kinds of woodworking benches, every reflecting the kind of work to be completed or the craftsman’s approach of working. Most benches have two options in frequent: they’re heavy and inflexible sufficient to maintain nonetheless whereas the wooden is being labored, and there’s some technique for holding the work in place at a snug place and peak in order that the employee is free to make use of each arms on the instruments. The principle factor that distinguishes benches is the way in which during which the work is held in place. Most benches have a couple of approach to do that, relying on the operation being carried out.

Workshop Concepts
On this playlist , full course of how I constructed three in 1 workbench from easy desk and a few handguided instruments. Walks by means of the development course of. A workbench is a superb addition to any workshop or storage. Storage workbench
Transportable Workshop / a compact multi software

47:08 57:33 WORK WITH ROUTER

zero:33 Positioning of the Instruments
2:05 Drilling by forstner bit. Put together for routing
three:19 Routing of matching websites
6:04 Making a locking tabs
6:31 Positioning of the locking tabs
7:32 Drilling holes for the locking tabs
7:54 Making of maching websites for fixing screws by spade drill bit
9:57 Laying-out of grooves for sliding rulers
11:30 Routing of the grooves
12:00 Making of maching websites for magnets
14:28 Gluing in of the magnets
15:32 Fixing of the round noticed
17:15 Setting proper angles of the blade by digital angle finder
18:18 Reducing the slots
18:53 Drilling the working gap for the router
19:45 Laying-out of maching website for mud plates
20:18 Making the mud plates
24:52 Routing of the maching website for mud plates
26:35 Fixing the router
27:25 Fixing and marking the plates
28:06 Drilling holes with totally different diameters within the plates
30:36 Drilling gap for blade of the jig noticed
31:50 Routing of the maching website for mud plate of the jig noticed
32:56 Fixing the jig noticed
32:22 Reducing the blade slot
33:43 Assembling of the workbench
35:10 Wiring of the workbench
37:06 Putting in of the emergency change ( kill change )
37:46 Portray of the grooves for sliding rulers
39:16 Making vacuum chamber within the Information Bar ( spirit degree )
44:49 Making the Desk Noticed Push Stick
47:08 57:33 WORK WITH ROUTER
Superb WoodWorking Instruments


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Saludos tontos

julius stacy says:

Why not make a removable plate for the center cause the circular saw so far on the edge limits what you xan cut and direction. Plus makes more sense to have plates hokdung each tool as each tool must be removed to use a diffrent one. Good idea just poorply executed in my opinion.

Fat Bouk says:

bravo genial

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Vedo che l'aspirazione non funziona a dovere, inoltre il sistema di misurazione mi fa pensare che possa far commettere errori

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Nice job.
But the video for a whole hour, but it could be at two/three times shorter.

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Прекрасная работа! Я на Китайский станок под ручной фрезер добавил такую же торцовку с боку добавил рубанок и в торце лобзик. Как показала практика, лобзиком практически не пользуюсь. Удобная компоновка – фреза, рубанок , цыркулярка.

Jailson Araújo says:

Estes pequena serra de bancada é muito útil para mim fazer pequenos acabamentos porque trabalha com móveis. Parabéns pela criação.

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All that and not a simple piece of tape on the drill bit … give the proper depth to drill every time without having to check and drill again …… still a very nice job.

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Респект. Но видео на целый час, а можно было б вдвое/втрое короче сделать (местами уныло, мотал вперед).

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