Construct a Tremendous CHEAP and EASY Desk!

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On this video we’ll construct a really low cost and straightforward desk. This video is supposed for anybody starting woodworking and on the lookout for a simple undertaking, or a fundamental plan to increase upon for these with a bit extra expertise. Nothing fancy right here, only a sensible desk made with fundamental supplies for an inexpensive value. Take pleasure in!

Supplies wanted:
2 – 2x6x8
three – 2x4x8

That is it!


Shepherd _29 says:

I could have this video running and build a desk before you finish stalling for time and over explaining every detail about such a simple task

mark asbury says:

A 2 x 4 is actually a 2 inch by 4 inch rough cut before it is run through the planer. The planer takes a half inch off the 2 inch side and the 4 inch side to smooth it down before it is shipped to the retailers. But most old the houses were built with rough cuts that are actually 2 x 4's Straight from the mill. They were very rough with no smoothness at all. But they measured exactly 2 inch's by 4 inch's. I thought I would pass that by you. But anyway I want to thank you for this tutorial. This is by far one of the best step by step tutorial that I have seen on youtube.

Bacon Monkey 1234 says:

I’m going to try to make one of these but add on a hutch with a light and some casters.

Dan the Vlog Man says:

What is that 3rd saw that’s not a miter or a table saw called?

FreezinJAson *_* says:

So…did anyone actually attempt to make a table here

Cal L says:

The concept is very nice, but I would suggest you consider pocket holes instead of screwing into the end grain. With time and moisture changes, your screws may eventually have an issue with holding. For light duty this may just be just fine. You may want to add a horizontal member under the top to resist tension from the top being loaded as well. Structurally, you can have the same amounts of wood, but choosing where to place them will make this both stronger in load handling and more durable in service life.

Some kid says:

Thanks I used this as a project

Chevy Van Travel says:

Very Nice Build. i just made one today and i was thinking how was i going to make it sturdy and you just gave me the answer. thanks for posting!

Logans Bored says:

im 15 and im just starting wood work for fun. being 15 i cant get a good paying job and this is a easy and cheap build to do for starters! Thanks Irie Builder!

Clyde Str says:

ok get a big box of screws ! got it !

John Wills says:

Why not use pocket screws for a little extra strength on those vertical faces?

Mr. Hostility says:

Ty! Nice basic build for beginners. Well explained.

I'd love to see a bunk bed build for twin sized mattresses. A lot of people would benefit from it I think.

Patty says:

What kind and size screws?

MzzAJD says:

Thank you so much for sharing!

Maria Sanchez says:

Thank you soooooooo much! I was looking for some body to teach this simple! I am going to start making one craft table , but toller.. thank you!! I did like your idea & teaching!!👍

Jason Allison says:

About $25 in lumber in today's prices.

Miranda Ann says:

Umm, ok, so are we all going to focus on the table and not how beautiful this man is? How is there not a single comment pointing out this obvious fact…

onell luke says:

Wouldnt the wood split up if u didnt drill a hole 1st for d screws? I had that issue

Goofy Dog says:

wood working with Greg Brady

talgwatr says:

$20 to make this > anything you buy at a store THAT will cost you 5xs as much!….With the added bonus of customizing as you see fit!….LIFE sometimes is not as hard & complicated as you think!

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