DIY Storage Storage / Shelf / Workbench Resolution

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At this time on Trendy Builds I am making the last word storage resolution in your storage: cabinets, plastic tubs, a closet, and a workbench! For plans and an in depth description make sure to comply with the hyperlink under.

Half 2:

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Stuff I Used:
Screws and every little thing else are linked in article under.

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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery


Wormkiller Dan says:

Great project Mike! I will be using some of that idea! You need to be wearing a dust mask with the nasty particle board….:(

marcus blair says:

Why predrill for screws?

Philip Atha says:

7/16 osb would have been a better choice for the shelving surface.
MDF is too heavy and useless if it gets wet. A garage is the last place to use it.

Jacob says:

this does not seem strong enough to hold any real weight

Nate Walker says:

Ryobi guys hate tables

Jason Doucette says:

So, is there a reason you when with screws to anchor the back of the shelves to the studs rather than 1/4" lag bolts? *Very good idea though. My wife and I are about to buy a house with our first garage. I'm just ITCHING to build some stuff!

sMiLey Warrior says:

The zevo plug. If you remove the bugs collected in the zevo you should wear latex gloves when handling that once you’ve collected bugs in there. The bugs touch there way into the uv light and stick on. So those germs would transfer from plastic to your hands and fingers so handle with care and wash your hands. Assuming from the video that Zevo plug looked brand new. So handling it such as in the video was okay. Great video btw.

Burnzzehh Is Shrek says:

This is literally what the previous owner put in my house years ago…

Steve Wilson says:

This is awesome! I already have a work bench so I'm going to retrofit it with these shelving plans.

Ryan M says:

Wow! Look at all that space. Now you can get more stuff 😉

Michael Willard says:

Great build man. I was looking to add some to my new garage and i will use this as my base. Thanks bud

nbn33 says:

Sorry if i missed it somewhere but what was the cost of materials for part one

Dennis Rivas says:

I can do this, just need to adjusted for slight slope towards garage door. 👍

FD says:

particle board is no bueno in areas that are damp; so unless your garage is super insulated and you don't leave it open much – I wouldn't expect to get a good life out of them versus osb.

davide82843 says:

How's your BBQ kitchen island working out?

Inebrius says:

just a FYI mice will get where ever the eff they want… LOL they're like natures little gymnasts…

Lady Bee says:

This would be great for my husband to make. Thank you for making it easy for us.

Karen Kendall says:

Did you nail into the studs only?

Dan J says:

any reason you used deck screws instead of framing nails?
Just curious for my own build?

mikameek says:

U make this look sooo easy! Im inspired to try

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