DIY Picket Sit and Stand Desk/Workbench

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This undertaking had been ready to be edited endlessly! Actually it had simply been ready for the electronics to be finalized. Now that It is completed I will be utilizing it alot. Fairly easy, just a few linear actuators, 2x4s, 20A 12V energy provide, and a DPDT momentary change.

The mechanics for this video have been impressed by Sean Quinn’s Video:

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Tedd Akdag says:

nice build. love it!!!

delinquentdesign says:

Way to go Sam! The desk is awesome I would still tie those bottom uprights wit a piece of plywood about 12”+ tall it could also serve as a cable hide as well as strengthen the desk as a whole. Good work

THE JACK boss says:

Wow tour they best

Emil says:

Good shit sam

Ian Jordan says:

Yo Sam peter sent me over, I'm just having a binge watch of your vids, good luck

Adam Brown says:

Damn. No wonder Peter's plane could take off

Sketch it D.I.Y says:

That’s pretty neat man!

dunichtich100 says:

Where did you buy those linear actuators?^^ Can you please give us a link to those? 😉

Evan Jones says:

Awesome video! I really like having your videos to watch in addition to Peter's! Good luck with your channel!

knoptop says:

Super cool DIY! Still tho, I won’t stand for it!

Alex Mandrovey says:

I want to subscribe for second time

Wayne Bjorken says:

I like it, Sam. Thanks for the video.

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