Foldable workbench – Huge area, minimal footprint!

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This week I am making a foldable work bench for gluing up giant boards. If you wish to use this as a standard workbench merely seize a sheet of plywood or MDF and retailer it vertically towards a wall for straightforward entry. This one is 900x1750mm when totally prolonged


Tamil S says:

Hi, Thank you, I got new ideas from your video to make my own foldable motorbike pannier.

Engin Bircan says:

Really great video. I learned a lot. I made myself a work bench. You can make me happy by supporting me.

Mehran Freeman says:

Well done mate 👍 .I guess you should buy lockable catstors instead of one you got.
Here is the link of cheap lockable one for 9 bucks (Bunnings) 55kg rated each.
This link is 4 Castor for 10 bucks (I did use them alot)
160 kg rated

Guy H. says:

Nice! At least in the States, we have Harbor Freight. As for your hinges, I would think that strap hinges would work better for strength. Wish you would have shown what you did for the top. I like it

mr. Hoole says:

Order them from harbor freight tools

Harold Pal says:

We see only the frame, where is the part that you put together the table top and the frame?. I was exited to see the actual action on how you put together, coz the left and right side parts were not equal in terms of vertical pos.

Shinigami Kuroshitsuji says:

Great idea!!!
Whit this the space problem it's solved

Daniel Torres says:

Awesome work man! I definitely will make something like this for my table saw

Wendy Wu says:

Great design. Simple tools except the giant drill machine. I am building a similar one today. I wish I had watched your video earlier.i spent $26 for plywood panel instead all wood swing support. Lesson learnt.ty

wood 4 nothing says:

Cool bench it it quite strong as it looks a little flimse but the idea is amazing for my small shed.
Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

Bruce Davis says:

im an older carpenter and am making a folding table saw stand with a router table worked in…would like to use your folding idea

duubtuub says:

Slick idea. For those who want "support in the middle", halve the lengths of the horizontals and add another leg to the end. This could be done indefinitely.

jared7211 says:

That is a really good idea.

rich kemp says:

Not bad actually.

X3 Workshop Designs says:

I’d like to know how stable is it?

Tim Amarok says:

The wheels won't move the bench all over the place when working on that bench, right?

Egor Biletskiy says:

Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for woodprix page

wetnewf says:

Really clever!

Mr Murray says:

Saw this 10 years before your video. Hard to believe they're so much alike.

PaoloBrada DIY english español says:

cool workbench

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