Folding Mini Workbench

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Today we work on a portable workbench. I decided to build this workbench so that I could transport it with me when I go visit my girlfriend who lives in another city. That way, I could use my hand tools to work on my wood projects. This little workbench 26 inches tall, 13.5 inches wide, and 52 inches long. When folded, it is 28 inches long and is 14 inches tall. It is a perfect height for me to work on projects while sitting and also quite sturdy. I do plan on adding some dog holes to the bench to help me hold down. Also, I might incorporate some heavy duty clamps for holding work pieces.

Folding Mini Workbench Plans

Router Mortise Jig Video

Izzy Swan’s Discovery Build Table

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Christian Perez says:

Great job my friend

P M says:

??? to add wheels to make mobile and a handle to pull, along with latches to secure legs.
Way cool..wish to buy as I don't have tools.
Thanks for sharing, you did a great job!

Jed Honrado says:

Really cool.

Mr2at says:

Well thats a bit bloody brilliant.

Professor: Carlos Cruz says:

This project is very interesting.

Daniel - S/V Rhapsody says:

Another good way to round corners is to use a cabinetmakers rasp. Gets the unwanted wood off the project and can smooth it down enough you wouldn't have to use much sandpaper.

Something like this could help. Just another tool for the tool box.

Mickey D. Guakneme H says:



Your table is great. Love the way you made your own clamp frames.

Ben Friedman says:

Should I be wearing a respirator mask too when I cut wood? I don't currently. But I'm sorta stupid. I'll wear I high quality mask when I spray paint.

Chris Mccollum says:

Man that is awesome!

Hudson says:

You sir are inventive and inspiring. I can learn a great deal from you. Subd

Wade Crain says:

Girlfriend = no free time. haha! Very nice video .

Wayne Fraser says:

A practical and pleasing design. And very gracious of you to share your plans. I am definitely going to build one.


Jayden Redd says:

I love this woodworking book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). Some of the topics talked about in the book include wood working tactics, justification on the growth cycles of trees, and different lumber characteristics which craftsmen favor. I also provided my dad another copy.

E Caff says:

Great Inspiration. I will start my portable with some of your points of intrest and mine.  Thank you again for your sharing.

Marco A. Casco says:

Just great !!!!

A Minha Bancada says:

nice work, fantastik

wayne harrison says:

Thank You ! Just what I was looking for!

Nangid Kram says:

Lots of great info there. Thanks.

Bill Stringer says:

Great design.

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