Harbor Freight Wooden Workbench Evaluation – Comedy Included

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Ron talks about his wood workbench that he purchased at Harbor Freight.


space man says:

Great video and nice table looks like it will last a while

Carl Gray says:

I just subscribed after watching your new 2018 catalog walk-through(I'm one of the first 10,000 subs to this channel).

The Collector 101 says:

Hi I just subscribed, I've been watching Atlas Shelters for a while now. Just wanted to say great job. Y'all are making wonderful progress!

Zero Days Life says:

All my axes live in Texas 🙃
(Actually Tennessee)

Eric Stewart says:

You Rock 🎸 BillyBombProof!!!

Dave Brunero says:

So when are you going to do a review on the nuclear gear???

ted4sw says:

I was thinking of buying one of those tables from harbor freight as a gun work station ie cleaning and modding of them and wondered if they were worth the money I trust your judgement and if you like it and say it’s sturdy then I’m going to buy one this weekend. Keep up the great reviews and am waiting for the next vid

Kelly Diggs says:

Lots of nice little gear. 👍👍😎

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