How to Build a Workbench | Mitre 10 Easy As

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Any serious DIYer should have their own workbench, so why not use your DIY skills and make your very own.


aztec999999 says:

Get this shit off my youtube. Half of nz don't own a house. Politely, please fuck off

Mike DB says:

Thanks. Turned out nice

LeshaKu says:

What about wood movement in the tabletop? Just screwing it to the base, won't it crack when the humidity changes?

Ronin 69 says:

Great video! I learn many things. Thank you for sharing.

Wacky Wood Works says:

"Tickity boo" I haven't heard that saying in years…

Solid work bench.

Paddy P says:

138 disses so far… Must be Aussies

Tom Freestone says:

The ironic thing is you need a workbench to build the workbench on? Maybe you can make a small one then build a slightly bigger one on that and work up to a full size bench!

Peter Smith says:

my old woodwork teacher would be turning in his grave seeing someone use a hammer with a chisel instead of a mallet…..


Oh, looks like another Dewalt commercial.

Al Duffy says:

This guys is awesome

Jared Shields says:

He needs to start saying " There you have it…easy AF" 👌

T'Qu Shafruz says:

Video DIY ni baguih dok ada, korang ape tau, jgn sembang lebih, Tengok jelaa…

Aaron Alquiza says:

tickety boo

Lolek Bolek says:

It was tickety-boo

Eddie Espinosa says:

Awesome job

anrick charlie says:

èŕafps hâpes

Alucard Hellsing says:

Metric measurements finally.

chuc555 says:

No safety glasses ? ….. Over here in America that's a cardinal sin to be operating equipment  without  safety glasses. good video though. thanks.

Sirusdark says:

I didn't know these type of screws even existed!! Thanks!

Matthias Herzog says:

I'm so going to build one of those. Except that I won't cut 45 degree angles on the frame. Just my taste. 🙂 Thank you so much for showing how simple diy projects can be !

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